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  • b918d918 b918d918 Dec 4, 2010 1:34 PM Flag

    here is the thoughts

    XOMA so far probably is one of the worst stock of the year ( same goes to the CEO ). Because of the potential of the XOMA052, sooner or later, the share price will jump 50-300% in couple of months, EASY!

    The question is from what price???

    It could start from here or could donw another 90%.

    So timing is everything. imo

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    • watcherpast: There is no news because there is no partnership
      just opinion

    • Feel the same.

    • Xoma will soon be the stock to covet.

      With only 21 Million shares outstanding Engle and team have created a brilliant strategy for success.

      Phase II results are just the beginning.

      News please!

    • good points/ nothing is guaranteed. 052 could hit a home run whereby all bets are off making this a blockbuster drug. On the other hand, it could fail to meet endpoints in phase II, results could be modest etc. etc. whereby even 10 cents prepsplit would look like a distant memory. I am in for close to a hundred grand. Big mistake in retrospect, but I am fully in. I will either lose everything, break even or make some money. I am betting on the last two alternatives which is why I have remained in and even averaged down as the stock tanked. I am otherwise highly diversified in my investments so this is my mad money stock. Luckily, I can take the loss if it occurs in the end. Others may not be so fortunate. That Engle and the BOD are taking this huge gamble tells us something about them and potentially about 052. No one can know what goes on in a double blinded study until the results come out. Leaks will occur as they start to compile the data and we can judge where this thing is going. We are still months off. This is like playing high stakes roulette and has nothing to do with prudent investing. Wishing all of us luck and a good and healthy Christmas season. El cabo PS. I am always amazed that there are so many vitriolic pumpers and dumpers on this board who probably don't even own more than a thousand shares if that. Hard to understand their real motives or emothional investment.

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