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    The previous news didn't do anything good to the PPS, why this courner news will increase PPS at minimum 40%?

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    • the phase 2b study is the big study over 400 patients .and this news will be geared towards hbac1 .. its primary goal is to measure hbac1 diference from day zero and compare it to day 182 this is a key milestone . the test you refered to was Phase 2a trial , that trial was designed as an exploratory trial focused on overall safety and kinetics and was not designed to show statistically significant differences in measures of biological activity. In the final three months of the PHASE 2A trial, patients in the XOMA 052 group receive the same, higher or lower dose level for an additional four doses.. THAT DATA IS STILL INCOMPLETE We will see phase 2b data before we see complete 2a data , then this summer we see complete results for phase 2b . complete data for phase 2a will be out in secomd quarter of 2011 ffrom what i read phase 2b will be finished in february of 2011 well the first part will be the part that gives primary data which is the average total hbac1 reduction from day zero levels compared to day 182 levels,of 420 patients which will tell us if 052 will be a good choice for diabetes type 2.. if this meets required reduction and shows beta cells repaired along with c-reactive protien being reduced accompanied with good safty data will bring in big investors i was being conservative with 40% increase

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