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  • pharsono pharsono Mar 8, 2000 5:18 PM Flag

    no name scientist 4

    Hi there,

    It seems like the market is kind
    of stabilizing it self after the mini correction on
    the NASDAQ.

    Well, I am quite happy the CRDM is
    doing steadily and progressively along well, with the
    potential that it has, it should hit $5's range soon

    Still holding on some XOMA though, but glad that
    unloaded the ASTM on time.

    Any other input on CRDM
    or other prospective will be welcome and

    Thanks and good luck to all.

    • The biotech sector is down these last two days.
      And I expect to see it drift down further more the
      next couple of days.

      XOMA was lucky today
      escaping the sector slaughter. But I'm still waiting for a
      better time to pick up some more shares.

      will continue the downhill slide. It will hit 4, 5
      range very soon.

      CRDM will continue its bullish
      run during the remaining part of this week and early
      next week. We still have not seen the end of it

      I don't know if you like it, but I picked up 4000
      shares of PAGE on last Friday at 3 1/2. Today, it closed
      at 6. Looking for 7 or so before week's end. PAGE is
      a typical pump and dump stock during the past two
      months. But this current run is purely based on
      speculation of a buyout by PALM. PAGE has an unfavorable
      merger agreement with Arch, but it is never approved by
      bond holders. And some big guy can pay $40 million to
      bail PAGE out the deal with Arch. But, you must have
      your stomach to take the losses on PAGE before
      thinking of buying any shares.

      Good luck investing.

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      • Page is OK-my son bought in the twos. ASTM is
        very speculative- I bought about 46,000 shares around
        5/8 and unloaded all on the way up. I came by Ann
        Arbor and I am similiar with them: very speculative.
        Stick with XOMA-this is a winner with good

      • Thanks for your input on CRDM, I agree with your
        assessment on this, and will be bullist in the next few
        weeks until it hits $10's, but of course expect some
        bumps along the way.

        I am not so fond of, and
        afraid of anything to do with the new PALM, I know it is
        the future, but I think the price is too high,
        especially competitors are coming real soon with even better

        CISCO is splitting 2:1 on 3/29/00, and the price has
        been dropping lately, it should run-up once or more
        before that day.

        Keep in touch and good luck to

    • any guess on the FDA meeting date?

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      • My gut tells me that it will be tomorrow or one
        day next week.

        I listened in on the conf. call
        a couple of weeks ago. The following question was

        "Has a date been scheduled for the FDA

        Castello - We cannot answer that question at this time for
        competitive reasons (paraphrase).

        "Is it scheduled for
        March 9?" (Questioner had a reason to believe it was on
        the 9th based on some FDA public schedule that he

        Castello (and others) - [chuckle] .... pause
        ..... "again we just can't answer that"

        JUST MY
        GUT FEELING - BUT....

        I detected a nervousness
        in his voice when he said "why" to the follow-up

        AGAIN THIS IS ONLY A GUESS. To be honest
        with you - I don't care if they have the darn meeting
        next year. I'm holding out for 50 along with the other
        strong longs.

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