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  • shelly_showman shelly_showman Oct 18, 2011 7:46 PM Flag

    China Slowdown????

    IMO Wal the problem is a backward country due to a history of communism for so many years left them light years behind the rest of
    the world. To try and fall more in line with the rest of the world,
    they've had to "somewhat" do a turn-a-round by infusing trillons to
    stimulate "domestic consumption". The same thing they've criticised
    the West for doing when it suited their purposes. As soon as they
    turned off the spigot in order to control inflation, they encounter
    the same problem as the US. The natural order of growth isn't there
    at the present time, just the manufactured "growth" of governments.
    China gets a good portion of their GDP from Europe even before the
    US. If both slow, so goes China. And, it is even more emphasized due
    to their population, which is one reason you cannot compare GDPs.
    If you looked at the actual unemployment in China, it would far exceed the US, and the division of wealth is even more exaggerated
    than the US. So although the scenerio is similar, they are very different, why? Because China speaks with two tongues. They do not
    want to lose their hold on the population so the Communist propaganda continues with the emphasis on "control" the people, yet,
    they want the country to absorb Western ideas. This is a conflict, it
    will take years to overcome. So IMO, it is a conflict that will not
    be solved with just "stimulus". I'm no economist Wal, so take my ideas with a grain of salt. They are my own ideas on economics, and
    I've said way too much.

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