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  • infn444 infn444 Dec 14, 2011 3:30 PM Flag

    Vote Republican as they want to rid

    capital gains tax, which would make the market run to 20,000

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    • I will defend the right of morons like you to say what you want but you have to be one of the dumbest idiots I've ever come across! Back to the 1850s.

    • So now on to something else we can all agree on: public schools should be eliminated and children should be allowed to work. The teachers' union is one of the biggest rackets in the country and all illegal immigrants should be hunted down and either sold as slave labor or just shot for being spies.

    • Stick to Xin JB. You know nothing about politics.

    • Well, I am as Conservative as they come, but don't think Obama supporters "should be hung". Some people are just slow. They will catch on one day.

    • Businesses don't hire because there isn't enough demand and there won't be unless the government keeps doing more of the policies you're against. It's not a chicken and egg question. The government has to get more money to the folks who will spend it thereby creating demand and getting businesses to hire.

    • Thanks for advice on xin...I never called him socialist in my previous posts. There is no demand for their product because they haven't been able to hire the very folks who create demand for their products with their extra discretionary income.What came first chicken or egg? Not moron, just looking for someone to explain to me why this guy gets such unparalleled respect for accomplishing nothing of value. We haven't seen worst with economy.

    • I don't use the term moron lightly. You deserve the term for calling Obama a socialist. The reason businesses are not hiring is because there is not enough demand for their products. The so called socialist president still has the same income tax code as Bush. Want to stimulate the economy? Get money into the hands of folks who will spend it. Spend money on projects that create jobs. If Obama were to do more of this, things would be better. Don't expect you to understand.
      As far as Xin is concerned: BUY!!

    • Got it pal. Not looked up in dictionary. I personally wouldn't label it socialism. Its modern day version of the concepts. I don't have to prove myself to some angry individual. Businesses are not hiring because of economy and presidents economic policy...that's what businesses and venture capitalists are saying point blank. Calling someone a moron makes you feel better, however it won't change reality. I didn't vote. I will say gov't funded education has accomplished it's intended goal...creating a society reliant upon gov't for all facets of their lives. That being said, what's consensus on this stock

    • Ok Pal, let's get some things straight. Looking a word up in the dictionary doesn't mean you know what it means. The proof of that is that you think like most morons that Obama is a socialist. For the record I didn't support him I supported Clinton.

    • In laymans term, gov't control of means of production. That would be legislating to death the private business sector. You are not socialist. Just a man too emotionally invested in ethnicity of president...blind to all real policy issues he's created.

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