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  • marcino3000 marcino3000 Jan 19, 2012 10:41 AM Flag

    Looking good!

    Just sayin. Still think it will pull back to 2:05 though before it goes through the roof. Waiting for rate cut before the Chinese new year.

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    • Thanks, and same to you. I think you are right, we probably won't be seeing sub-$2s again unless something detrimental happens, and it could quite possibly go to $2.65 or higher even before pulling back. I suppose if it does continue to rally and then pulls back I'll consider buying back in above my sell price, assuming it bottoms at a very strong support somewhere.

    • Good luck man. You probably will get your 2.15 price, but it's hard to time tops and bottoms. It might run to 2.65 or higher before you get it. I can't fault a man for profit taking, but XIN appears on all levels to be breaking out of it's multiyear slump. We'll see how it tests the 2.65 range. I do believe 2.05 will be support now though. I have been in xin for 17 months and have no intentions of selling til I see a realistice P/E or until I lose it all. I am content with whatever happens and trust my research. Good luck man and take care.

    • And.... my regret is now justified!

    • I sold out today at $2.3102 and regretted it even as I was pulling the trigger. I expected some resistance in the low to mid 2.30s, and am already hoping I have the opportunity to buy back in somewhere between $2 and $2.20, but we'll see. I bought in at $1.75 back in December so it was hard to keep holding after a straight 30%+ gain. I wouldn't be surprised though if it keeps going up to hit barnardjohnthird's target of $2.65.

      I've been in and out of this stock since early 2008, and am hoping it has finally broken the multiyear downtrend. It's about time people realized that despite any pullback in chinese real estate, XIN is a solid, legit, well managed, and profitable company, and the stock had irrationally priced in a 100% loss on all real estate under development. I just hope I can get back in at a lower price! I won't be paying more for it than what I sold it at though.

    • I have been waiting for a pull back to around $2.08 as well...but with the number of shares trading today..and the strength...I do think we will have to hit an area of resistence...and some profit taking...

      I am not sure how many short term investors are in this baby, but I have a feeling we have a LOT more LONG TERM holders that are riding for the next few years ;-)

    • Very nice indeed.

    • Looking great!

      I'm hoping that you are wrong, and we go right to $2.50, and get to $3.00 before earnings release. Who knows, maybe $5.00 after earnings.

      :: fingers crossed ::

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