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  • barnardjohnthird barnardjohnthird Mar 12, 2012 11:37 AM Flag


    Where'd they go? Bullish engulfing candle in development. Thoughts on what's driving this?

    CHLN earnings? Dividend? Oppenheimer? Vanke was down almost 3% last night, I thought' we'd be down as well.

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    • Vanke Schmank.

      Stock has been going up before Vanke's announcement because XIN is a great stock bargain, and the div just makes it more enticing.

      Hey but if takes Vanke news for a reason to buy XIN, don't let me stop you.

      I don't know if Lennon is alive but Presley, Michael, and Tupac can be seen daily strolling through the Vegas strip.

    • as a single math, fully agree about Vanke or another company shorting XIN (ridiculous):Just to write another view to justify the current value.

      In the same way, always's better to confirm numbers with facts, then comes the reality without being surprise if it's not a good one for us.
      That's the reason why choose one of the current best examples where statistics and facts go hand in hand (economic concentration by destruction of the middle class: the pattern there has no discuss everywhere, specially on developed countries; also can traslate one more clear/better example: the banks concentrations after 2008 by "wethepeople" losing their homes > both trends go hand by hand too).

      Thanks for your great job here John
      (Lennon or Barnard? Vanke or Xin?)


    • Hmm... John Lennon, economic concentration, destruction of the middle class. That's a lot to explain a one-day move in a small-cap stock! :)

      However, I do not think Vanke or some other entity has been shorting XIN. Short interest is tiny, and has been for a long time.

    • i agree. that is likely the main reason for today's rise - let's see if it continues tomorrow.

    • you and everyone here can't get his theory because -simply- don't exist.
      Let me explain a bit more:
      We may suggest a lot of things and may happen or not.

      If we accept the global trend about the incredible economic concentration, we can confirm the increasing destruction rate of the middle class on developed countries, right?
      do you've any doubt about this? if somebody don't think the same , please look around you.
      .. we'll get some "time advantage" with countries like China or India, those who still need -and 've the money- to improve their domestic market.

      To suggest that Vanke can buy or compete with XIN is neither more nor less than that: one idea.
      And if we go into that field (only supposing,just "imagine" like Lennon) we also can think that Vanke -or another like them- has worked the last two years betting against the price of XIN.
      XIN 's very small in comparison but's in the same business and in the same country so...
      when'll arrive the great economy concentration in China?
      That's the question!! but...who knows...
      and we can remain suggesting more things because we are seeing a policy -talking about an increasing percentage during last year- to go private on succesful chinese companies, so Vanke could be buying shares of XIN while "Vanke's partnersmarketmakers" would be betting short to get them cheaper...
      Just working for the coming chinese concentration like everywhere!!
      All 's possible and nothing should be true.
      Nothing confirmed.
      We just know XIN makes enough money and China 'll be the greatest market leader in less than a decade (may be in less than five years too).


    • Because Vanke reported a 32% rise in profit for 2011. That info raises all boats, even if it means eventually they'll eat your lunch
      if housing doesn't improve quickly.

    • I still dont get your theory. Why in you virw would XIN rise bc of increased competition from Vanke?

    • ratifying Mr barnardjohn:
      not XIN available @ the south.

      (if get back "thesouthGRRF'smoney" may be adding more XIN and some XCO)

      • 1 Reply to horacebello
      • Didn't know this a.m. Barnard but this rise for Xin might be due to
        Vanke's earnings release and statements.

        " “Vanke is targeting the mass market, which helped sales,” said Jinsong Du, a Hong Kong-based property analyst at Credit Suisse Group AG. “Starting from the second half of last year China’s high-end property market slumped greatly. Also, in a bad market like this, brand name stands out. Buyers tended to buy homes with good and big brand names like Vanke.”

        “China Vanke’s business strategies are relatively stable,” President Yu Liang, said in a statement yesterday. “The company has been insisting on building small and furbished units; leveraging a quick turnover operation model; adopting a prudent investment strategy and avoiding having an excessive landbank.”


        It’s hard to predict the performance of home prices this year, Xiao said. Home prices in February posted the biggest decline in 19 months, according to SouFun Holdings Ltd., the nation’s biggest real estate website owner.

    • I do not know if this is a wild guess. If Vanke decides to buy Xinyuan, to enter more tier-2 cities in central China, how much would they pay? $9 per share at least. But I think Xinyuan should be itself.

    • Renaissance Tech is pushing up the PPS using HFT program, plus buyers are in for dividends.

      Also, news of Chinese company buyout by Youku helps.

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