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  • hmmm26 hmmm26 Jun 18, 2012 9:00 AM Flag

    Elections: Ours

    I thought this weekend's move by the President to use an Executive Order to enforce as much of the DREAM Act as possible (legislation to address undocumented workers/illegal immigrants) was quite brilliant.

    This election may well come down to the hispanic vote, and unless the economic data gets better, the President might need 70% of that vote to win nationally. Polls show his support among hispanics flagged somewhat after he publicly declared for marriage equality (I saw low 60's in a couple polls), so IMHO, this was the right medicine for the right group of voters.

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    • hahahahahah good job Walter, smoked that sheep herder. The only way he has kids if they are sheep kids hahahahahahah like all those republiCANTS

    • Corporate heads are not monsters but they shouldn't run our country. The only folks who gained in income and wealth the last 30 years are the top one percent. Most of the money they earn is taxed at 15%. It's capital gains. That's the rate Romney pays. I believe people making millions of dollars should pay more than 15%. Don't believe you have any kids because no woman would have sex with you.

    • "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country". Whatever happened to those democrats, do they still exist?

      Enough about the "rich", get over it. I made 75k last year, know how much income tax I paid? ZERO because I have kids. Is that fair? EVERYONE is supposed to pay their fair share, but that's not the case. The RICH pay PLENTY, enough of that garbage.

      Answer this for me. Why is it you liberals respect an "actor" or an "actress" & every dime they make they EARNED. However a person that runs a company that employs thousands is somehow a monster? You are against corporation but want those jobs!

    • That's a warped world that you live in Adolf. The government is us. The politicians are employed by us. If the government does bad things it's because we put morons in there who messed things up. Things get messed up when we let the corporations and the wealthy do whatever they want. Prisons are a part of government and guards are government employees for the most part. If you get rid of government the criminals go free.

    • First, liberals step over people that have been stabbed/shot inside of stores and in parking lots. Want the videos? Yes, those are liberals.

      Second, see in the good old days when someone was broke down on the side of the road, someone or multiple people would stop to help. However, Liberals used this to rob and kill people. See, they would stage a breakdown and when the nice person would stop to help, they would kill him/her and rob him/her. Go ahead, tell me they weren't liberals.

      Lastly, the prisons are full of liberals. 99%. The 1% that are Republican are the guards.

    • Ayn Rand was a crummy writer and a worse philosopher. The idea is not to convince you but to try to understand you. It is the anti government folks who don't believe in responsibility. It is the responsibility we owe to one another as human beings. If you see a man unconsious on the road do you say "idiot he must have deserved it?" Or do you try to help??

    • Okay, so what? I like one idea purposed by Newt. Are you honestly telling me you think people should only agree with one party's ideas?

      True, equating government to corporate services may not be the fairest comparison. I'll give you that. I will say that I don't believe in the nanny state we're becoming and I think people should fend more for themselves. Personal responsibility. Now there's a concept!

      Anyway, I really have more to say, but this thread has gone on long enough. I'm can't convince you, you can't convince me. This is a waste of our time. I'll close with... who is John Galt?

    • Not going to happen, we cannot work "together", we are on opposite sides of the spectrum. The only way this is going to be "fixed" is with a complete collapse. Our beliefs are too strong and too different to compromise. This cannot go on like this forever and if your wet dream of what you want this country to be is achieved, that would be the nail in the casket.

    • As usual you guys never see the whole. You always have some anecdote that is supposed to represent government in its entirety. This country has serious problems that we have to solve together. Don't think you're not a part of it because you are.

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