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  • sawyvalue sawyvalue Aug 24, 2012 3:31 PM Flag

    Disclaimer to myself

    A few people may notice me because my ID and a few of my negative comments. However, I never own any shares of XIN before, and will never own it in the foreseen future. I join this board because I was directed here from another board and noticed quite a few interesting people, especially savvyvalue, here. So, I created this ID by inspiration from him.

    I consider myself an expert of China, which a few financial geniuses here do not understand well. Also, I am good at competition analysis, which I do in my previous consulting jobs.

    Again, please do not think I have any financial interests associated with XIN's stock movement. I dislike investing in real estate developing industry, no matter in China or the US.

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    • Hey,aco, I wish I could get paid for having fun in this message board. But, unfortunately, no. Nobody pays me a dime for whatever I said here.

      You may notice I never spend too much time in this board. I just came here to have some fun with some smart fellows here when I am free.

    • Jesus Christ dont embarass yourself.
      Your comments are always substanceless, you never uses quantitative measure to back up any of your countless, always negative, assumptions. A 6 year old with a Spongebob calculator can do a better job at that than you do.
      Your need for impersonation alone demonstrates your negative agenda and underlines the fact that you cant form an argument based on facts.
      You only appear once in a while and then flood the board with meaningless one liners.
      I doubt you worked as a consultant, ever. May I ask what consulting firm you were with? And in what function precisely?

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