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  • Paul Ryan's speech was one of the worst a politician has ever given. Of course tomorrow Romney's will probably be worse. Why was it so bad?? It sets a record for hypocrisy. Saying Obama uses attack adds and doesn't talk about his record. Romney has done that the entire campaign. There was nothing about solutions. Just an attempt to blame Obama for all our problems. Obama saved the auto industry, cut payroll taxes the last two years, ended the Iraq war and ordered the raid which killed Bin Laden. Pretty good work but you won't hear anything about it from Paul Ryan. The Republicants have nothing to offer so they just attack Obama.

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    • Romney will win by a landslide

    • All you prove is how smug you are. I don't know about your individual situation but for those who couldn't get health insurance before now they can. That's millions of people. Of course you care nothing about them because you claim to have been disadvantaged in YOUR situation. So that's all that counts.
      Most teachers have very good health plans. It's really hard to believe that you have thousands of dollars in bills that aren't covered. But even if that's the case to be so smug as to say YOU'RE the only one who matters and that we should take health insurance away from millions because you're inconvienced is LUNACY.
      I've done ahelluvalot more research than you have PAL!!!

    • I have always been known by my enemies as walrat. The person using that name is an imposter.

    • Google CBO deficit projections

    • Wrong again!! Those are not CBO figures. The current estimate is 1.1 billion.

    • No, Wal. Gotta do your research before speaking. My wife and I have large medical bills each year, and have 5k in pre tax money (FSA) taken out of her paycheck each year. The health care law limits that to $2,500.00 a year, so we will have $2,500.00 more in taxable income each year.

      Also, there is a 4% tax on the insurance company starting in 2013, and the local insurance company has already said they are going to charge that "tax" directly to our premiums.

      Indirectly there is a 6% tax on medical equipement starting in 2013, which will increase rates. There is a new tax on "not for profits" now, which they will also pass down to the consumer.

      Again, do your research before talking. The more you talk, the less we realize that you know about the healthcare plan that you support.

      Again, do a Google search on the "new 21 taxes to pay for the Obama healthcare plan".

      I can keep going back and forth, but you will not do your research, but hopefully anyone else reading these posts will do their research, and see for themselves that you are incorrect..... again.

      However, thanks for your posts, because you prove my points for me, and get everyone on here, who is intelligent enough to actually do the research, to actually learn something.

    • I never said the health care plan was free. People who do not have insurance will have to pay premiums. If they are low income they will get some help but the plan is not free.
      I confess I don't know your situation. What you say makes absolutely no sense to me. Your wife is a teacher and you should be covered under her plan. How that results in additional expenses for you I don't understand. It certainly is possible that your situation is atypical. For the VAST majority of people who HAVE insurance there will be no change. For people who have been denied coverage because of an existing illness they can now get coverage. And the current plan is almost exactly like the one passed in Mass. It's a Republican plan involving PRIVATE insurance.
      The only ignorant person involved in this dialogue is you.

    • Wal, when they say "Ignorance is bliss", you must be the most blissful person.

      I have done taxes for the last 16 years. I know a little about the tax codes. Google "21 new taxes for Obama's health plan".

      They will affect you, and I. The healthcare is Not "free", as you might think. My wife and I will have to pay $1,495.00 more in taxes in 2013 because of the "free" healthcare plan.

      Only an idiot would think it was "free". Again, Google the information. You are the only Liberal who does not know taxes are going up because of the new healthcare laws. And, yes, they do start in 2013.

      The more you talk, the more posters on here can Google the facts. Keep talking.

      Again, Obama increased the deficit from 500 billion to 1.4 trillion.

      Again, there are 21 new taxes to pay for the new "free" healthcare plan.

      You are the best arguement for my beliefs. I am hoping that everyone Googles what you say. The more you talk, the less credibility you have. Stick with just talking about XIN.

      Democrats love poor people so much..... they keep creating more.

      Gas doubles under Obama.
      Food stamps recipients double under Obama.
      Obama spends more than the last 200 years of presidents combined.
      Obama promises to "cut the deficit". Promise not kept.
      Obama promises to veto any pork. Signs the biggest 1 trillion pork spending in U.S. history.
      Obama promises to be transparent. He is the least transparent of any president in history.
      Obama promises to get us off of dependancy of oil. U.S. becomes the most dependant than any time in their history.
      The only promise he kept was to destroy the healthcare system.

      President Obama's Legacy = Bankrupting the U.S.

    • Your link supports me. The deficit HAS come down. That is progress. It went way up under your guy who inherited a surplus.
      By the way you don't know the meaning of the word liar either.

    • I agree that there are no google links saying you're an idiot. I'll give you that. As far as the deficit and unemployment are concerned are you seriously disputing what I said?? The government releases unemployment figures every month. There are countless places that report the figure. It peaked at 10% two years ago. It is now 8.3%. Are you really disputing these figures?? CBO releases budget figures monthly. The deficit peaked at 1.5 trillion 3 years ago. It is projected by CBO to be 1.1 trillion this year.
      These are the facts and they can not be refuted.

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