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  • connor.jin connor.jin Sep 22, 2012 10:45 PM Flag

    I see multiple reasons to keep the PPS low for us true longs

    Let Blue Ridge sell at low price, and let eh company buy back more shares.

    If the PPS goes up, Blue Ridge is happy, along with short-term long traders. It is the best interests of true longs to let them lose money.

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    • Cheering a DECLINE in your net worth? You're a Cheerleader's Cheerleader, Jin.

      For putting XIN's interests ahead of your family's financial security, I hereby nominate you for the Golden Pom Poms Award.

    • I am sure I missing something.

      Doesn't a low valuation invite bottom feeders? Won't some company just want to tender out XIN just for the break up value? Won't the company find it attractive to take it private using the company's assets as leverage? I guess in summary, why would long want anything other than a fair valuation of the company?

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      • Casey, you did not miss anything. Last year I was buying a lot at the bottom including many shares at $1.5x. Back to then there was a 10m buyback program and 10 cent yearly divi.

        Now we are much better. I just felt I want more shares back cheaper. I sold most shares above $3, and I made the most money from XIN this year. I really do not care the PPS drops low. In my accounting, I value my portfolio based on book value and EPS, not the market PPS. This same defying approach is also used by warren Buffett.

        The difference between me and many of you is, I am a true long term value investor. Just like Warren Buffett said, when I buy and hold a stock, I am ready for the stock market to be closed for the next 5 years. You short term traders care only the PPS movement, not the business of the company.

      • Fair statement, Casey. Jin's statement shows how desperate he is now, trying to convince himself mentally that a bad thing is not a bad thing. I have a friendly suggestion for him and his fund. Trying to pump share price by using a message board is ineffective. Cut XIN's share in your fund rather than keep doubling down. Double down works for lower risk stocks. XIN is highly risky. It can go dramatically either way over time. A possible fraud exposure will cost your fund lots of money. Please be responsible for your clients.

    • I agree that it is nice that the share price is so low, all the more shares management can buy back at 1/3 their value, increasing our value.

      However, it would be nice to see the share price hit $5.00+, and stay there. Hopefully by years end. It would be something to see XIN declare a one time dividend of $.50 for year end (Q4 quarter dividend).

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Oxymoron hehehehehe

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