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  • growth.value growth.value Oct 25, 2012 9:37 AM Flag

    Should China Play by The Rules

    @Hmmm, sorry for you to take two versions of the Chinese military training story. Casey shared his version. I will share mine. I believe you will do your DD to find out which version is more credible.

    Overall, according to my knowledge, military training was designed to enhance the discipline of young Chinese students. The government and schools want them to be able to take orders. It is growing out of fashion though, even within the central government. They cannot promote innovation and strong discipline at the same time. However, in China, it takes decades to completely change an old policy like this. As a result, most schools nowadays only do training from 3 days to 2 weeks. I can assure you most Chinese students do not even hear any coaches mention the US. I suspect 40 or 50 years ago the military training was partly designed to be a have potential military force. The time is gone.

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    • @GV, that's good to hear. So, is it your impression that as a whole, the Chinese tend toward my own view that any type of conflict beyond diplomatic/political or economic between the US and China is a complete impossibility? Is that also your own view?

      For my part, I've basically dismissed armed conflict as completely impossible. Even economic conflict seems unlikely to me. Both sides have so much to lose and so little to gain from a trade war that I feel sure negotiation will prevail and our difficulties can be settled.

      Here's how I see relations between the US and China. Tell me what you think:

      I believe the partnership between the US and China is more stable than it appears. The way I see it, it hardly matters if the two countries like one another (although I hope they do). What truly matters is that, as the two largest economic entities on the planet for the foreseeable future, the two countries NEED one other.

      Our economies have become so intertwined that, despite what US Presidential candidates might say to get votes, it's virtually impossible for either country to harm the other without it immediately boomeranging back and harming itself.

      Therefore, any "pain" inflicted by the US or China on the other is also, immediately, pain inflicted upon themselves. Since it's in both countries' interests to avoid pain inflicted upon themselves, that necessarily requires them not to inflict pain on the other.

      That might not be a very romantic starting point, but empires have been built on less.

    • GV, you are so Chinese.

      We saw the Olympics you can get large groups of Chinese people to do about anything in unison. Why do you need to teach several million 18 year olds discipline every year.

      The Hilter Jugden started out as the Boy Scouts needing a little more discipline in summer camp. Add a couple of years and you have some bad #$%$ Waffen SS dudes.

      Most schools don't do training 3 days to 2 weeks unless you are referring to the weapons training some elite schools get to augment their normal 4 to 5 week schedule.

      As to coaches, those are the regular Chinese army NCOs in charge of training you are referring tot? Or is it some other group of Chinese coaches.

      I, like most Americans, had totally forgotten about Kosovo and the Chinese emb#$%$y. I only know about it now because I have the conversation about twice a year with a Chinese national. If the Sargent. oops I mean the martial arts coach, is not reminding Chinese students about it who is?

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