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  • caseysxyz caseysxyz Oct 25, 2012 1:44 PM Flag

    Should China Play by The Rules

    2. As I can say over and over again, I wish that is the weirdest thing I could say I have been asked in China. It was once explained to me Chinese people feel they can ask westerners anything because it doesn't count. There is a standard conversation I go through almost every day. "Hello, how are you?" "Fine and you." "I'm fine. Where are you from?" "America". "Do you like China?" "I like China". "What is your favorite food?". This is so standard this has to be out of Dick and Jane English primer. Usually the conversation stops and we move on with life. If it continues it can go any where. Some of the more out there subjects include timing of child birth, whether their boyfriend loves them, how to go to asleep when you are afraid of the dark. whether I have male gemtalia, and why can't Chinese girls put out like Western girls.

    The Chinese do not really furrow their brows at anything. It is just as matter of fact asking my preference on rice or noodles.

    Why do you think they have an aircraft carrier?

    I am not Chinese military planner although I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night but this is one way the Chinese would play out a war with the US. They invade Taiwan using a small carrier force to neutralize any naval force that would interdict the invasion, which is over in an eye blink. They simultaneously announce to the world that they will go nuclear only in self-defense, which in their definition includes any US carrier group that does not immediately start steaming to a port and zap the internet. They hunker down and wait. The same scenario could be played out with Japan, South Korea, Vietnam etc... instead of Taiwain Personally, I think it is a W for the Chinese. These are the people that picked a fight with Russia over board territory in Mongolia. They are fearless.

    The Chinese are planning for the next war. It is not a part time effort but the purpose of most of the Chinese military. Other than getting Chinese girls all hot and bothered.

    The average Chinese thinks we are so addicted to cheap Chinese products trade would blissfully continue during an armed conflict. They see us as weak and undisciplined.

    3. Oh I play the Ugly American card all the time. Chinese just don't understand no. Yelling it is not ok to grab my nose sends them running away.

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    • 1. But what is your favorite food?

      2. Is that true, that western girls are "easier" than Chinese girls (I couldn't think of a better way to say that)? I bet it is true because our society's pretty darn open about sex and sexuality. I don't think there's many (any?) Americans who still believe they shouldn't have sex until they're married/engaged.

      I'm proud of that aspect of our society. Wasting the sexual energy of one's teens and early 20's strictly on solo projects is a gigantic missed opportunity, one that, alas, does not repeat in your 40's. If today-me went back in time to 18 year old-me and told him that when he was 40, sometimes when sex is on offer, he'll pass for pedestrian reasons like he's tired or busy with something else, I'm positive 18 year old-me would punch me right in the face.

      3. Yeah, that aircraft carrier, was that the one that started out as a Russian build? Is it fully operational?

      I'm all for a strong national defense, but sometimes the amount of military power the US possesses seems all out of whack with what we need. We've got 11 Nimitz class super carriers with two more building, and I don't think the rest of the world combined has that many. Plus, several of those (Britain, France, Italy) are friendly (OK, not France, then, but still Britain and Italy).

      4. I agree with your scenario, in the sense that if the Chinese really did risk nuclear annihilation over Taiwan, I'm sure we'd back down. But I think the world would consider the Chinese the warmongering "bad guys" in the exchange. That would be begging for NATO and UN condemnation, with big time economic sanctions. Maybe the average Chinese national might believe trade would go on undisturbed, but I sure hope the Chinese leadership knows better.

    • @Casey, I understand you are not a fan of China or Chinese people. That is fine. If you want me throw out every single negative story about China, Chinese culture, or Chinese people, I can make a 1000+ page thread. If you want me to make a thread about what I don't like about America, I can make it 1000+ as well. My difference with you is that you only talk about extremely negative aspects of China while I recognize both pros and cons about America and China.

      As you said, I am so Chinese. Yes, I am. If not, who am I? Also, you are so American. I hope it is a right analogy. America is not short of China bashers.

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