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  • horacebello horacebello Oct 26, 2012 5:04 PM Flag

    Why Does America Lack Native Engineers Now?

    What is new? Where the news?

    Recommend to read Claude Levy Strauss (French ethnographer who anticipated the trend of modern developed societies toward a vulgar and manipulated entropy (read entropy by the way of a measurement uncertainty with a set of messages, where we are going to get only one) a century ago.

    To study engineering, math’s, phys, programmers or any of these, requires an additional exercise (read exercise as an additional work – additional intellect job) to find and get our best.
    *To do our best wherever we are no matter the place, religions, skin, languages, etc that’s the life. “At least I tried” (from the movie: One flew over the cuckoo nest, by Milos Forman: don’t remember if won many Oscars, but surely one of the best American movies in your history)
    Let's make simpler: WackoTrader or other professional traders studying charts are spending a lot more time than most of us (including me in the first place). They "work" more.

    Take a look at something easier to study than the lack of computer engineers:
    It's very difficult to find a good plumber or electrician in developed societies. Any job or profession that requires a physical effort above the mean has no "militants".

    This week Jim Rogers talked about the international lack of farmers, anticipating that nobody wants to do these tasks and predicting at some point the human race will suffer hunger for this behavior.

    Also there are no trained nurses in an aging population in all developed countries (including China).

    If you allow me a bit of black humor you would read:
    Give me the name of the CORP manufacturing wheelchairs in Germany, One of the fastest aging countries and lowest population growth, to buy their shares immediately.

    The current “locomotive” inside developed countries not only has no engineers, crop pickers, nurses and farmers. No. The most important problem is the lack of common sense.

    Just think rigorously on our and your emerging politicians to be elected, to realize we are not in condition to do a single addition successfully during the first "engineering minute".

    SCD shorting lawyers for a better planet
    best weekend to all

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