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  • john.hertford john.hertford Oct 31, 2012 5:38 PM Flag

    The US and Israel

    Can one of you political heavyweights please explain the poor sinner and foreigner that I am why the average, non-jewish, US citizen would be emotionally invested in Israel, perhaps even all sweaty and eager to throw his vote at the candidate with the harshest diction in regards to its neighbours?
    Especially taking into account all the low blows delivered by Netanyahu and cohorts in the past.

    Disclaimer: While you compose your answer, please take into account that you will forever be branded as a raging anti-semitist should you dare say anything contrary to popular opinion. Your wife will leave you, your kids will deny your existence and even your shadow shall not fall upon other peoples shadows. You will spend the rest of your days on a farm in Virginia sucking on a blade of grass while watching cattle and humming (haha) sweet home Alabama while the merciless sun scorches your neck.

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    • At the risk of losing my shadow, I happen to agree with you, John. I've always viewed Israel as a problematic ally.

      Many times over the years of Israeli/Palestinian conflict, my heart's gone out to the Palestinian kids throwing rocks and not to the Israeli troops shooting rubber bullets.

      I also dislike those Israeli political parties, including Netanyahu's Likud Party, that keep opposing and preventing a US brokered deal for permanent borders and peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

      I'm no anti-semite -- I'd say about 25% of our friends are Jewish -- but as I tell those friends, there's no other country in the world that could get away with running what is basically an old fashioned colony: foreign lands (Palestinian) where the colonial power (Israel) has no intention of either granting independence to the people, nor of allowing them citizenship in the mother country.

      To their credit, many of those friends also view that situation as an injustice.

    • Your premise is wrong. The average voter in this country doesn't know anything about the Middle East. I will always remember a girl in high school who asked the teacher why there was violence in the Middle East when both sides were Christian?? The reason why politicians support Israel is partly because of the Jewish vote and also because Israel is a democracy.

    • John, very interesting point! I call this a culture. People get used to a culture, no matter whether the culture sounds really reasonable. Once you behaves significantly different from a culture, people around you will see you as a freak. Also, many people are inclined to regard foreign cultures as insane stuff.

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