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  • growth.value growth.value Nov 2, 2012 10:25 AM Flag

    HGSH: $3.17, 8 FOLD IN 3 DAYS

    Wow! No doubt the short-term outlook of Chinese developers improved. Once again, the market is looking for a sector improvement.

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    • Hey, GV, I was hoping to get an outsider's perspective on our election.

      Do you mind if I ask whether you still live in China or if you're here now? In either event, how is the US election being viewed in China? Is either candidate viewed as "better" for China if he wins? Is it being followed at all?

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      • @Hmmm, I am happy to answer your question here although it seems it is totally irrelevant to the topic.

        I have been in the US for several years, but I am still well connected in China. I never rule out to go back to China permanently in the future.

        US election has been known in China as a showcase of democracy and a drama of bashing China. The campaign itself is viewed more like a entertainment rather than an informative event. In the past, many most proactive China bashing presidents turned be be China's most favorable friends. So, many people do not feel Romney would be an exception. However, emotionally, those bashing words are pretty harsh to get completely digested. At the end, people will sign and say "this is just another election year."

        At the more sophisticated level, political analysts suspect at the end Republican presidents will be more in China's benefit because they promote free trade more. Romney will be pretty tough at the very beginning at this presidency but will flip at some point. Obama, at the end, may keep his policy close to the policy implemented during his second and third year. Overall, either one elected will not have a huge impact on future China policy. By the way, Romney has been much more friendly towards China before 2011. Sophisticated people understand why he changed.

        Overall, Obama is a much more popular figure among less politically sophisticated people while sophisticated people think Romney may be more favorable in his later part of presidency if elected.

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