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  • stock_slayer1974 stock_slayer1974 Nov 9, 2012 12:11 AM Flag

    Just to be Clear

    Yes, I said it was my "final post" however Walrath did call off the bet and several posters asked me to stay. So, if I am making this post or if I decide to post here and there, please don't judge my integrity as if Walrath did hold me to our bet I would not be making this post.

    First, I would like to say that Walrath was a "class act" when it came to Obamas victory. He did not act as I had expected (and I think it surprised many others as well). I think "we" would have assaulted him like there was no tomorrow if Romney won (because we expected Walrath would do the same). I think he should be commended for being a gentleman (unlike INFN). If I missed a post, share it with me and I will retract this statement.

    Secondly, LEE is where me and Walrath began our fued (along with Blueline and Crudeoil). We had a "vote" (that he started BTW) and we voted him off the board. While Walrath was there the board was "hopping", he left and now the board is DEAD and EXTREMELY BORING. So, you think you want him to quit his babbling, but if you succeed you will realize that you will actually miss his sewage filled posts. Its great entertainment and XIN will end up the same as LEE. The back and forth between him and Less, its classic. Yes, Less is brutal but I am sorry it had me in tears.

    Lastly, I would like to apologize to Walrath for what we did to him on the LEE board. The "vote", we never told him it was just a "joke", we just voted him off and he left. We didn't REALLY want him to go, but we couldn't bring ourselves to tell him that it was just a "bit". We really didn't mean anything by it, just having fun. So, to my surprise he let me off of our bet, even after what we did to him.

    So, Walrath there you go. Don't expect anymore of the nonsense written above again, this is a one time deal. Take it or leave it.

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