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  • stock_slayer1974 stock_slayer1974 Nov 14, 2012 8:27 PM Flag

    I thinks its time to let him off the hook.

    The 37th President of the United States, Richard Nixon.

    Aside from Watergate Mr. Nixon was a great president and accomplished much before he resigned.

    He was the first U.S President to visit China. He had started that relationship, began dialogue with the communist country. The Chinese government certainly respected Mr. Nixon.

    He put the first man on the moon.

    He extracted us from Vietnam.

    He eased tensions between the U.S and the Soviet Union. A treaty was signed to limit the number of arms being built.

    And there was many, many more accomplishments during his administration but are overlooked due to Watergate. I think it is time to "let it go" and admit that aside from the scandal he was a great man and a great President. He was not a crook, he made a mistake and he loved this country dearly.

    That is why he resigned, he did not want to drag the country down further than he already had.

    He was invited to the RNC by George H.W Bush during his second campaign, he declined as he did not want to damage relations with Clinton if he were to win the presidency. This was his dream, some redemption so to speak, to be back with his party but declined as having a relationship with Clinton was more important.

    Clinton respected Mr. Nixon, he let it go (unlike that spineless ****** Jimmy Carter), I think the rest of us should too.

    He said by 2000, he would be seen in a different light. I don't think that's the case and I think it is time.

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    • Top!

    • "Gave you a thumbs up because you made an effort".

      Our behavior might be upsetting some people.

    • Cool thread, Slayer. I'd cast my vote in favor of forgiving Nixon, too.

      First, let me give my detractions: I agree with Walt that the moon landings were largely JKF / LBJ's doing. In fact, Nixon cancelled Apollo missions 18, 19 and 20. After we'd landed on the moon and there were no more Cold War trophies to win, Nixon cut funding for space exploration. I'm a space geek, so I bristle whenever NASA gets shafted.

      I also blame Nixon for igniting the War on Drugs (he coined the term himself, in 1971). I consider the war on drugs a complete waste of money. It's a war that can't be won, being fought against our own people, who have, in my view, the right to put into their bodies whatever they see fit, dangerous or not.

      Still, I agree that Nixon should be forgiven for Watergate. Getting China to flip allegiances in the Cold War was an incredible accomplishment, one that fundamentally altered the world's balance of power.

      That's even more amazing given the fact that at the same time, Nixon drew us closer together with the Soviets (detente and the SALT I treaty). You'd think that pulling China, already an "intra mural" enemy of the Soviet Union, closer to us, would harm US - Soviet relations, but he managed to improve relations with both countries. That ain't nothin'.

      By the time the 1972 campaign came around, Nixon had visited both China and the Soviet Union and McGovern (or any other Democrat nominated that year) was toast.

      One other point: Nixon and Kissinger also got our POW's home and our ground troops out of Vietnam in 1973. We still lost the war, but by the time Nixon became President, I doubt any other outcome was possible. Every Superpower takes its lumps sooner or later (the Romans couldn't conquer the German tribes, the British got surprised by us, we got surprised by the Vietnamese, the Russians couldn't handle Afghanistan, etc.), I'm just glad we learned from our mistake.

      All told, I say you're right, we should give the man a break.

    • "I forgive EVERYONE. I forgave YOU!! That doesn't mean he wasn't a crook. He alos kept the war going years longer than it had to. That's the worst thing he did. It's alos the worst thing Obama is doing now."

      Well, I don't believe he was a crook. He did not order the break in, he attempted to cover it up and the more he tried to cover it up the worse things became. I do not believe any of the people convicted were pardoned by Ford, only Nixon. Aside from Watergate, he was a great president. I think he was certainly punished enough for his actions, perhaps more than he should have. I applaud former President Bush for inviting him to the RNC, that alone may have started to change peoples perception of him however he declined in hopes to be able to assist Clinton if he won the election. He was one of the few Presidents to request information that the current president gets, that because he cared for the Country and only only once did he break his own rule "to not give a president advice unless asked" and that was done with President Clinton in which he accepted that invitation. Time to let it go Walrath!

    • Nixon was an AH just like you

    • How exactly did Nixon put a man on the moon?? Kennedy started the moon mission. All Nixon did was run his mouth when it happened. He was also the biggest CROOK in history!!!

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