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  • lidy_bi lidy_bi Nov 19, 2012 6:37 PM Flag

    People nick name

    now we are having a peoples first name quizz. How dumb can people be.

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    • Clearly, too dumb to know basic grammar or spelling.

      Your title has three -- count 'em, three -- errors in it. First, "People nick name" isn't a sentence. It's not even a sentence fragment. It's a fragment of a sentence fragment. In addition, the word "nickname" is one word, not two, and since it's in a title it should also be capitalized.

      Cleaned up from toddler-speak to English, we get: "People's Nicknames." Much better than "People nick name," wouldn't you agree?

      After setting a record for incompetence in your title, you immediately broke that record by making four additional errors in the body of your message, bringing your count up to seven -- not an easy total to reach in just two short sentences and a fragment of a fragment!

      If you'd like to self improve (I suspect that's a very big job), here's the list:

      1. The first word of your first sentence should be capitalized. They literally teach that in first grade. Did you drop out of kindergarten?

      2. "Quizz" isn't a word, but I'm guessing you just like making the "zzzz" sound. Lots of children do.

      3. Wow, you just can't stop defiling the word "people's," can you? This time you at least included an "s," but you still forgot the apostrophe.

      4. You ended your question with a period. If I gave you a chance to close your eyes and think real hard, do you think you could make a better guess? C'mon, you know this one. What punctuation mark do we end questions with again?

      That's right, a question mark! I'm very, very proud of you. I'm going to let you pick out the first toy after nap time!

    • Lidy, it is not "guess" the nick names, it was asking what our real first names were. Now we understand your hatred of Walrath but the rest of us are gentlemen.

      Can I ask what your first name is Lidy? We would like to get to know you. If there is a topic that you would like to discuss, let us know.


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