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  • savvyvalue savvyvalue Nov 30, 2012 10:18 AM Flag

    OT: Jeffreybul23


    You seem forget you posted here not long ago that you took huge loss on stocks like OINK to buy XIN at $2.6 level. Even you brought XIN at $2.6 level and sold at $3 level, your profits in XIN is not enough to cover your big loss in OINK and other Chinese stocks as you posted here. I see no point for you to claim that you start the yeat with $50k or so and now your account is over $100k. You obviously have overall capital loss for year 2012 so far based on trades you posted here.

    It's OK to not make money in stock markets. Don't forget most people lose money in stocks year after year so there are many people just like you. But to give yourself a chance to win in future, you have to be honest to yourself and ask why I keep losing money.

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    • Jefferybull23,

      If you read your on posts here which disclosed your huge loss on stocks like OINK and others, you know you are losing money so far in year 2012 since there is no way that your gain in XIN can make up huge loss you took back then. Do you need help find out those posts here by you?

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    • Yeah, prior to Q2 earnings report, I sold my other positions, and bought back into XIN. What are you talking about capital loss? I currently have 35k in short term capital gains, 2.5k in long term capital gains, 7k in non qualified dividends, and 3k in qualified dividends to report on my tax return. My brokerage account is currently 107k after Fridays close, and of that 6k is unrealized capital gains.

      If being up 57k in 2012 is a loss, then I hope I lose that much money every year.

      Currently have 30 different stocks, most with 1k shares between $.86 and $5.00 a share. Have larger companies 10 to 20 shares of AAPL, GOOG, PCLN, etc. Have 10k shares of Xinyuan right now, and because I have larger companies (marginable), I have almost 50k in borrowed securities, so have 107k in account that I have 150k+ in securities. After the fiscal cliff is taken care of, I will sell my gains after the first of the year, to pay back the marginable stocks., and hopefully start off 2013 with 110K. If I "lose" another 57k in 2013, I will be satisfied with that.

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