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  • ksn_44 ksn_44 Dec 5, 2012 4:38 PM Flag

    Delisting Chinese stocks will start a worldwide stock market rout

    There are too many interconnections as so many US companies now rely on China for growth (ever hear of Apple?). The effects would be quite similar to 9/11 if this gets more legs. The problem is the SEC NEVER SHOULD HAVE ALLOWED THESE CHINESE COMPANIES HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE. It is not like we are dealing with Europeans who have a culture that at least is SOMEWHAT similar to ours. The Chinese business community is a whole nother animal. Different culture altogether. I am not an authority but I think under-handedness is probably a source of pride in Chinese business culture. The commies have their foots on their throats anyway so whatever they can get away with the more crafty they have become. And I say CRAFTY but mean DUPLICITOUS.

    The SEC wanted the money and took on all comers. Not sure how these two regulatory agencies get out of this, but if it ends badly, we are at Dow 6500 again, and this time it won't be as slowly as the last.

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