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  • stock_slayer1974 stock_slayer1974 Dec 6, 2012 12:14 PM Flag


    Please tell us the exact rules we should follow. I assume no jokes, humor whatsoever or smart *** comments like Walrath made. No off topic rants or negative comments regarding the stock or the country of China.

    Do short sellers have to find another forum? I assume they are not allowed due to you not mentioning them. I certainly would not want to hear another point of view either.

    We ARE professionals, hence we don't DO Facebook. Since, at times when XIN is boring we discuss "other things" and often slip in some humor.

    Now that I found out these things are not allowed and you are the self proclaimed "King" of this message board, what are the rules of this message board?

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    • It seems you might have read a lot extra into the two sentences I wrote asking a question and then using the word "please" in another. I'm sorry if you took something in an extremely defensive manner, but I do agree with you that maybe shorts should have their own board to post; that was a great idea you suggested. Thanks for your input on keeping the board positive; this world has enough negativity in it to last 100 lifetimes.

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      • Listen, first off I am not angry over your post I just wanted some clarification in regards to how you want this "pro XIN" message board to work? That's all I asked.

        Secondly, thank you for your compliments however I was not serious in regards to short sellers or anti China posters to find another board. All points of view in my opinion are welcome. That's how you get "debates" going, peoples minds working and SOME OF US learn from these debates. You may want to live in a fairytale world but I don't and and most posters here don't either.

        If you come in bashing without facts, you will be taken to task. Lice pole showed up with his blathering and was sent home to his momma. That's how its done.

        Your world exists as this.

        "I love XIN"

        "Me too!"

        "They have a great dividend and plenty of cash flow"

        "Yes they do!"

        That's ******* boring!

      • Oh cry me a river and get the flock out

      • EVERYONE is welcome to post whatever they want. it's called FREEDOM! Sorry if you didn't like my joke.

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