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  • stock_slayer1974 stock_slayer1974 Dec 8, 2012 1:23 PM Flag

    Al Gore did not "invent" any "internet's",

    Walrath is a misinformed bafoon. Most of the components in today's "internet" were invented before Al Gore was a Senator. Walrath will claim Al Gore invented everything from the wheel to the Ipad, these statements are downright false.

    Secondly, Al Gore sold his vote for the Gulf War for a "prime time" speaking slot. Of course Walrath worships this man and is still disgruntled over the 2000 election.

    "How much time will you give me if I support the President?" In layman's terms, Gore was asking how much debate time we would be willing to give him to speak on the floor if he voted with us.

    "How much time will the Democrats give you?" Senator Dole asked in response.

    "Seven minutes," was the droning response. I'll give you 15 minutes," Senator Dole said. "And I'll give you five of mine, so you can have 20 minutes," I offered.

    Gore seemed pleased, but made no final commitment, promising only to think it over. Senator Gore played hard to get. He had received his time. But now he wanted prime time. And Senator Dole and I knew it.

    After Senator Gore left, Senator Dole asked Howard Greene, the Republican Senate secretary, to call Gore's office and promise that he would try to schedule Gore's 20 minutes during prime time, thus ensuring plenty of coverage in the news cycle. Later that night, Senator Gore called Greene and asked if Senator Dole had scheduled him for a prime-time speaking slot.

    When Greene said nothing had been finalized yet, Gore erupted, "******, Howard! If I don't get 20 minutes tomorrow I'm going to vote the other way."

    The following day, Gore arrived on the Senate floor with, I always thought, two speeches in hand. Gore was still waiting to see which side, Republicans or Democrats, would offer him the most and the best speaking time.

    Senator Dole immediately asked the Senate to increase the amount of speaking time for both sides. I believe only then, after Gore realized we were asking for more time to make room for him on our side, that he finally decided to support the resolution authorizing the use of force to drive Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait.

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