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  • walrathcrai walrathcrai Jan 11, 2013 7:54 PM Flag

    Why You Should Vote Republican

    1. They'll let you keep your machine guns so you can shoot down the black helicopters.
    2. They trust corporations to decide how much pollution is necessary.
    3. They let the rich keep their money and give it to their brats
    4. They don't believe in stupid things like evolution or climate change.
    5. They believe women should executed for having an abortion. After all abortion is murder.
    6. They don't believe in letting countries push us around. If they won't do what we want invade them!
    7. They'll threaten to default on our debt so they can cut social security, medicare, medicaid and other do gooder liberal programs..
    8. They know who should run this country and it ain't women and them darkies.
    9. They don't like to waste money on disaster aid unless it's in their state.

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    • Well I'm not a republican, but I'm close

      #1 - Well I don't have a machine gun. My friends do but I don't. Have a loaded 45 by my bedside. I don't plan on shooting any black helicopters

      #2 - I don't "trust" corporations to do anything. They have a product and society either chooses to buy those products and keep them in business... or they don't. The idea the corporations LIKE to pollute is simply insanity. If there are cleaner and cheaper options, the most agile companies will consume the new technology. You know what... if you don't like those big dirty oil companies... don't drive. If you don't like those evil coal companies, don't use coal generated electricity. If you don't like the nasty things lithium batteries do to the environment... don't use them.

      #3 - Absolutely. It's their money. You don't seem to understand that. IT IS THEIR MONEY. By the very definition of "their" they can do whatever they want with the money. IT'S THEIR MONEY

      #4 - Well I believe in evolution... I believe in non-anthropogenic climate change as well. Most climate change enthusiasts have never ever READ the IPCC reports. I've read their work since 2000... and let me tell you, as a mathematician... there is no consensus on the "science". Put that aside, if you haven't read the science you are *BLINDLY* asking for serious change in our laws and society for something you know absolutely nothing about. Have you read the IPCC reports Wally? No I didn't think so. I suggest you start with the 2001 report. There's some clever science in that one.

      #5 - So a man goes into a convenience store and shoots the woman clerk. She was pregnant. How many murders is he charged with? Not saying I agree or disagree with abortion... but people seem to want to have that "murder" charge both ways. I'm not a woman, so clearly I'll never have an abortion. That's the best prevention

      #6 Hmm, I'll ignore this one since I'm an isolationist

      #7 And Democrats threaten to default our currency by printing money and supporting the lowest class of people and PERPETUATING their dependence upon government.

      #8 Well truthfully I think America is way WAY past race. We all just need to get over it. BTW, I'm all white meat but my wife is not

      #9 Yeah, that's probably true

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      • I believe I came out way ahead of you on this because I got you to make a rational response to my satire. Maybe that's the key because when I'm serious I only seem to get #$%$ from you.
        1. You need to get with the program. A 45 just doesn't get it.
        2. Corporations WILL pollute if left to their own devices. That should be obvious.
        3. This reveals your biggest problem. You really do believe it's their money. It's OUR money. Yes people need an incentive to perform but beyond a certain point society has a moral right to tax because the wealthy are the biggest beneficiaries of society. How high the tax should be is subject to legitimate debate. That the rich should pay the most is not.
        4. Hopefully you and won't be around when the full effects of climate change happen. Ask people on the East coast if it's real.
        5. WHAT??
        6. Then you're not a Republican.
        7. It's the Democrats who make sure the rich keep their money. If Republicans were in control all the time revolution would occur and the rich would be shot.
        8. Good for you but you're hopelessly naive about race.
        9. Wow!! We agree

    • Hey Corncob whats a "darkie"

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