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  • walrathcrai walrathcrai Jan 16, 2013 8:14 PM Flag

    A One Third cut in Governmnet spending

    This is what a one third across the board cut in government spending means.
    One third of nursing home residents out on the street.
    One third cut in soldiers pay.
    One third cut in social security checks.
    One third cut in medicare benefits.
    One third cut in food inspections.
    One third cut in air traffic controllers
    Some of you #$%$ may want this but I sure don't.

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    • I'm not sure any of us care what you think. BTW, you can do a 1/3rd cut of government doesn't mean everything gets cut but if you'd like to think that's what we meant, sure. Go for it.

      Your answer is to gut the military and tax the bejesus out of the rich. Yeah, you're talking to stock trader here. Most of us I presume are well off and will never agree that we should just keep giving and giving and giving. I think we give the poor TOO much. There I said it.

      Our poor have big screen tvs, cell phones, ipads, Dr Dre earbuds, ipods, *CIGARETTES*, *ALCOHOL*,. Most can afford their own health care, they just choose not to prioritize that above booze and smokes. Their bad eating and lifestyle habits make *MY* healthcare costs more expensive because "they don't know the jelly donut and 2 packs a day is bad for you" Most could afford food without foodstamps... but they prioritize their Newports in a soft pack over apples and oranges. The list goes on an on. When's the last time the poor did anything for me? Oh yeah, I remember. 3 weeks ago when they broke into my car and stole my favorite jacket. Yeah, they *gave* me the opportunity to go buy a new one. Thanks poor.

      If you were to separate the truly *poor* from the *not quite wealthy and making bad choices* group... I would definitely be willing to help out the poor more. Actually, I bet if you made that separation and stopped giving group B money, group A would have all the money they need to survive.

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      • Excellent, excellent post. What's with Dr. Dre "Beats" headphones? Wearing them in public, what are we in the 80's? And they wear them around crackheads???

        Just think, thanks to people like Walrath, the fake *poor* REALLY think they are victims. They do not look at themselves in any capacity, its not their fault. Walrath refuses to take a penny away from them. Take "more" money from the rich and gut defense, everything else untouchable. If you even think about touching them you are "heartless", "selfish" and only care about the "rich".

      • You sound like a Mississippi redneck. Yes you sound THAT dumb. My 50 % cut in military spending would be done over TEN YEARS. You're talking about a one third cut IMMEDIATELY. And here's another point EINSTEIN any program NOT cut by one third means others have to be cut MORE than one third. So again I ask WHAT WOULD YOU CUT???????????????


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