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  • walrathcrai walrathcrai Jan 18, 2013 12:22 AM Flag

    Milton Friedman

    Milton Friedman is an example of someone who was an intelligent conservative. He's dead now. But when he was alive he gave intelligence to conservative ideas. One of those ideas was the earned income tax credit that today's conservatives attack. Friedman believed that instead of setting up government agencies to help the poor we should give them what they need most. MONEY!! He was right and because he was, today people who owe no income tax can still get money from the IRS. The earned income tax credit is one of the best anti-poverty programs the government has and it was Milton Friedman's idea.

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    • I credit Friedman with my free market ideology as his "Free to Choose" was the first book I read on economics. At the time I believe him a great man and still do to some extent, but the more I learn the more I realize his ultimate contributions to us is likely negative.
      His biggest blunder was making taxes automatically removed from our pay checks so that people do not have the ability to conduct a tax strike or revolt. This has also made people beniegn to how much the state actually steals from people in that if they still had to "write a check" to the state, they would be furious.
      Even friedman himself called this his biggest blunder.

      although he was a quasi-free market economist, he supported the Federal reserve system. The Austrian economists have since proved that this system is the cause of the business cycle and the reason we are now in a depression. It is the cause for ever recession/depression we have had. Friedman was dead wrong on this issue.
      Money can be free market just the same as any commodity. It doesnt need to be monopolized by the state.

      As far as your Earned Income Credit being so wonderful. Thats just garbage. I once qualifed and recieved this, and have since worked my way from that level. It was a menial difference in my life.

      You cant steal other peoples money (which is all this program is, it is the state putting a gun to my head and collecting my money to give to others) and think that it does not harm. You just dont see the harm, all you see (likely as a liberal) is people getting free money as if it grew on a tree somewhere. What you fail to see is the economic drivers that are eliminated when this money is stolen from people.

      This is what economists call the "unseen". Never mind the moral problems and inconsistent ideology you have. One one hand, you likely believe that you should have property rights. That your neighbor cannot just come and take what belongs to you. It is yours and belongs to you. But on the other hand, as long as it is bureaucrats doing the stealing, somehow this renders it ok and property rights need not exist. You cant explain why one is ok (the state) and the other is not (your neighbor) but you will go on supporting it anyway.

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      • Your post is made up of slogans without proof. In order to be intelligent you must give REASONS for your beliefs. All you do is state a bunch of conclusions most of which are totally without merit.
        Your belief that the Fed causes the business cycle is ludicrous. Before the Fed there were numerous panics. The main reason we avoided a depression five years ago was because of Ben Bernanke and the actions he took.

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