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  • rvga128 rvga128 Jan 22, 2013 5:26 PM Flag

    Sandy Hook and CO shooting!

    Are government sponsored conspiracies as per an armed forces base in HICKLAND, USA! They are really losing it here in the South, Folks!

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    • ...and left wing nutjobs claim Bush planned 9/11. You really are a #$%$ aren't you?

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      • The past term according to the gospel of Fox posters’ Birth certificate. Day 1 AyersWright teleprompter. Then Community organizer, birth certificate, Trump, Don’t mention Bush, Bush who, One term president, ABO, Teleprompter. Tsunami 2010, laser focus on jobs, Boehner didn’t say that Obama did, It will be a bigger tsunami in 2012. 20 seat gain in the senate. Get used to calling; add name ______________ president, lefties,
        He'll never get Obamacare through, The Supreme Court will find Obamacare unconstitutional 6 to 3. Romney will win by a landslide.
        No way will he get the Republicans to accept a tax hike for job creators.
        He won't get any of these gun measures through,
        he won't get the debt ceiling raised,
        He's a one term president. Romney landslide. LOL. Fluke. There are more Republicans than Democrats, America is a center right country, Independents are breaking for Romney. Obama’s a communist in the pocket of Wall Street. He was born outside of America. He’ll never allow LGBT’s to marry. He’s soft on illegals, he deported more illegals, and he wants more illegals to vote for him, Latinos are all illegals. Romney landslide. The polls are skewed, Rasmussen, Gallup, Nate Silver LOL. He’s divisive because those calm Mr.’s Rush and Sean told me so. This will be the reason he’ll be impeached, He has no women or minorities in his cabinet except the 47% who have been women and some Latino’s Latina’s some blacks and a couple of Asians heritage but I didn’t see them in the picture on Fox. He added six trillion in debt but there is no interest on the Bush years in that number and besides we paid off that debt and no we didn’t borrow for those wars and yes there were WMD.s and I don’t know what you’re talking about, Bush who?, blamer in chief, Bush who?, never happened, you’s libs, Obama’s TARP. The Pelosi recession, never happened, who? Stop blaming Bush!!, Europe, socialism, Wrong! Schooled you, Marxist, if you don’t like it go to Cuba, teleprompter. Wha’ happened. Repeat for 4 years

      • No he didn't plan it he let it happen through gross incompetence.

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