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  • boulmichone boulmichone Jan 23, 2013 12:47 PM Flag

    Speaking of the Bushes ...

    Years ago when Bush Jr was president, there was a big drought in Texas and the cattle ranchers were desperate. Without water, they could lose a billion dollars as their cattle died off.

    The Federal government pretty much controls public water allocation in the west. Normally, priority frequests for water diversion is given to humans and animals and is handled on a perfunctory bureaucratic basis with some requests and paperwork. The ranchers and Texas Ag department went through the normal channels but were .... denied. Governor Perry finally got on the phone to the Sec of the Interior. Still denied. He then got huffier and got on the phone to the White House where a fellow Texas rancher, Bush, was president. Amazingly ...still DENIED! Then he did a press conference and really made a big deal of it. STILL DENIED! The ranchers finally had to spend gobs of money bringing in private water and it cost them dearly.

    Texas folk , especially rural folk, are usually accomodating to their fellow neighbors where possible. For years Bush was resented for not doing a human thing and helping his fellow Texans out in their hour of need.

    It wasn't till about two years ago that the truth came out. Old man Bush owns the largest water aquifers not only in South America (Paraguy) but also North America (around Texas) and that is why Bush Jr. would not allocate cheap and plentiful federal water to his fellow Texas ranchers. His dad and family owned the water the ranchers had to buy at exhorbitant prices! They profited mightily and still do!

    To this day, amazingly for an alledged Texas president, the Bushes are shunned in Texas.

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