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  • the_optionaire the_optionaire Jan 25, 2013 3:28 PM Flag

    Patience people

    Despite the recent lack of news the quarterly report (coming soon) will show that the company has indeed been active. Everyone knows that they are running relatively low on inventory to sell. They have new properties (Williamsburg, Beijing, etc.) that are in the development stages (planning, architecture, design) of which building and then selling will follow. Well, building and selling in the U.S., but in China selling starts before building. I'm positive that they are on the hunt for new properties to develop and may already have purchased some, but may not report them until the quarterly report.

    Xinyuan is legitimate company. You can go to China and see their properties. There is no phantom product here. You can go to Williamsburg and see the site they purchased. If you dig enough, I'm sure you could likely find an architecture firm that is working on the design. Later in the year you can go to Williamsburg and see the actual construction. That would have to seem pretty real. Ernst & Young is auditing their financials yet again. You can be sure that they are more careful than ever right now. The CFO talked about new cash verification procedures in place on a previous conference call.

    You can rest assured that Xinyuan has the money that they claim. XInyuan produces and sells real physical assets. Xinyuan is highly profitable. Xinyuan does not have any questionable business dealings such as buying property from the CEO's brother. Xinyuan buys land from the government in China and form verifiable unrelated parties in the U.S.

    Other that claims from a few idiots and bashers on stock boards, nobody has made any claim as to anything that Xinyuan does or did is not legitimate. I'm sure that plenty of people have looked, but nobody has found anything. It is easy to make claims to try to scare others so that you can buy a few shares for a few pennies cheaper, but all the claims are baseless.

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