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  • chinamannyc2003 chinamannyc2003 Feb 9, 2013 9:13 AM Flag

    shelly showman asked me this question in another thread

    "I always appreciate information good or bad, so thank you. I found the first link where you said, but
    the second one, you state page 2, fourth one down is a Baidu site, and I can't find what you are
    talking about. The one about the fire hydrant plug/bedroom. I want to find the one where you say
    the white banner, at least I'll know I'm on the right page. Would you please specify the site use
    spaces or ..or dashes so it will post. Which building and where are we talking? At least that will
    cut down on my search. I found other complaints from 2010 and 2011, but not about the issue
    you're mentioning."

    well, as you know, like with google or yahoo search, the search list changes and reshuffles. The second one reports the same thing but is written by a journalist. Apparently 40-50 people got together in a demonstration/conference holding white banners in black characters (the chinese use that color combo to symbolize death). In the second link, it also showed quite a few rather creative banners in red, ridiculing xin, in a manner used in the Cultural Revolution when Mao tried to purge so called bad elements in the society, thus a humorous approach that anyone who really knows china will get a smile out of it.

    I am not into stocks of this caliber so I have no interest to either go long or go short. It is a waste of my time trying to guess what people i don't trust are really doing. But I don't think it is a waste of my time to tell others who may not be able to access those links and understand the content. This example that i found, that 2 entire buildings were constructed with bad design and poor construction, that chinese media is following, that buyers were merciless expressing their anger on the internet forum and in public, that there is no way to tell if this is an isolated incident or a general practice by xin, to me, is something xin investors in the west need to know. I bet the people who whistleblew Enron or Madoff probably got killed in the very beginning.

    For anyone who thinks I am not telling the truth and for anyone with money riding on this, it does not take much to send an email to their IR to verify if I am truthful. It is silly to reply on the comaradarie of this board to just hang in there. You know who you are and did.

    Or, perhaps, what I am saying is within your expectation or imagination, that you actually expect companies from china to cut corners like this, that this is at worst an inconvenient truth on your way to make some money. That is the beauty of a free country, it is really one's own choice.

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