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  • horacebello horacebello Mar 3, 2013 11:46 PM Flag

    where is your memory?

    posting this on a board where the vast majority are Americans is incredible...and ridiculous...
    Blindness or forgetfulness in your analysis,,,like an intimate fraud.
    Why writing this?

    Because a simple comparison on the latest American real state frauds would make you think a little more about the current Chinese situation .

    Your largest investment banks went BK 5 years ago selling subprimes and whatever they found without any value. They were selling papers to people without any regulation to another people that today can not even pay their food.

    All your housing debt was nationalized like "commies" (FRE and FNM) and of course transferring the debt to the state from the strongest "bankstoobigtofail".

    Amazing thing knowing these debts are being pay at the expense of "wethepeople" the taxpayers and more amazing to know why the main insurer (AIG) was rescue with your money.

    Too many people in this board may and should have a little more embarrassment before posting some comments.

    To worry about Chinese regulations to prevent their increasing prices on their homes sounds ridiculous in a country with your recent -and current- history.

    South Cosmic Dust must sleep because have a lot of work to do on Monday. And have to work by a 25% inflation...not easy...

    Good luck to all.

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