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  • djhmk2 djhmk2 Mar 13, 2013 12:45 PM Flag

    China fraud

    After two years of turmoil in the market for China-based small cap stocks most of the companies find themselves in a dire situation. Their stock price has collapsed and the company's market value is only a fraction of what it was before RINO's demise. The trading volume for most stocks has collapsed as well and there is almost no chance to raise capital anymore. At the same time the cost of being a public company has risen significantly, and probably will continue to rise from current levels. That leaves very many Chinese companies unhappy with their public status as the costs by far outweigh the benefits and many U.S.-traded firms no longer wish to be a public company.

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    • not most , you must be the American fraud. The US has their frauds also in small caps. Hey Genius they are investing in the US also. They doubles the value of the RENO project in a year payed a dividend and openly communicated to its share holders, The China scare has almost ran its course. I would cover while I still had some money left. The 60 minutes report was a scare tactic also that didn't work very well. It just brought out more information.

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