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  • shelly_showman shelly_showman Apr 10, 2013 8:25 PM Flag

    How's that 20m buyback coming along?

    By June 21, you'll be lucky if they bought 4m total. You don't really think with the volume you've been seeing
    the past 3 weeks, they were buying? All that cash and how much did they buy back last quarter. Oh, that's
    right that was just another Gurnee ploy, I think he said something about being focused on the divy.

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    • How much have you lost shorting Xin???

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • What I didnt like was the answer Gurnee gave when asked why BlueRidge and Equity both sold out. He claimed they both were closing their funds................................................well they didnt. They just sold out.

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      • The only way to respond to you Infn is to take you off ignore, a decision I'll probably regret. Now
        that you've sold, you now suddenly see what I call the contraditions or discrepancies in what the
        company says and what they do, convenient. I doin't know about Equity, but it had nothing to do
        with closing out the fund in JAG's case. And what about the Board seat? Your previous posts on
        whether they took out a loan for the divy, is also something I asked 6 weeks ago. If you have so
        much cash, why did you take out another 34m loan, this last quarter, and 21m the quarter before?
        And what about the two properties they bought in China 1 1/2 years ago. How far along are those?
        They said the same thing with those 2 properties as they are now saying with Brooklyn? I didn't
        know about the delay with Brooklyn, so I'm taking you at your word they have now delayed until
        There is something else I'm not going to write on the mb, but I said quite some time back, you need
        to look at relationships. Not many people spend their time doing this.

      • Perhaps he meant closing their funds to Chinese investment.

    • 4 million shares bought back is about a 5% reduction in shares outstanding.

      Looks like XIN will be buying more land instead of buying back shares. Do you think we get an announcement this month? 5 more days until they pay off that $40 million loan...over $6 million/year in interest savings.

      Any guess on Q1 earnings? Do you think we beat $0.23 earnings guidance?

      Is the Chinese economy sinking like you have predicted the last year or two? Is the housing market crashing? Give us your prognostications Silly_Shelly!

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      • Take a look at the title of the post Stinky, I wasn't talking 4m ADS, but $4m, big difference. The company will not be buying back 4m ADS. When did they buy Brooklyn again? Last September?
        and they won't be starting construction until a year later? So tell me Stinky, this ain't China, what
        do you think they'll be paying for property tax in a year on an idle piece of prime property? Just
        a question I don't have the answer to, but it sure ain't free.

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