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  • teknowiz teknowiz Apr 15, 2013 7:51 PM Flag

    Wake up call for Mr, Gurnee and Mr. Yong

    Investors are leaving XIN in droves because of total lack of any action to enhance shareholder value. What happened to buyback? If XIN book value is 11+ dollar, buying this at 4.5 is like 150% return on investment should be no brainer. You can not possibly make that kind of return in your own business even in 5 years. What is company doing with over 600 million dollars?

    Investors dont give a ### about dividend. Why? Because anybody who invested in XIN for divided, lost one half years of dividend just today! They just dont work!

    Today, despite being ridiculously undervalued, XIN was the worst performer not only in Chinese real estate sector, but entire housing sector. How do you explain that?

    What is management's ultimate goal? How long investors are going to be left on the side of road helpless?

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    • Investors are not leaving in droves. For every buyer there is a seller. I actually like the dividends. Especially with price fluctuations like today's, it is nice to have a steady few pennies every quarter, and in fact I think the dividend is one of the reasons the prices is currently as high as it is. It adds to credibility. I would prefer a buyback at these prices, but you can always do your own little 'buyback' with the dividend you get paid, so who cares? With a PE of 2, I couldn't care less about PR or anything. The only action I hope they'll take to enhance shareholder value is to keep doing exactly what they're doing, and not waste time or money on anything else.

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    • omeg4 Apr 16, 2013 12:00 AM Flag

      There was almost no short volume today either which I found somewhat interesting. I guess all of our favorite bears are tied up in HGSH.

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