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  • doncassel1 Apr 19, 2013 2:16 PM Flag

    Did you guys see the financials?


    Not too shabby,

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    • You know SCD has direct communication with Mr Zhang (joke).
      For the same reason Mr Zhang asks many things about his Real State specialty .
      Mr Zhang also known I have built some apartments in Argentina but my money has been obtained doing industrial assemblies for decades for major international companies.
      "Southern" recommendation is exactly like my comfort holding XIN ADS.
      Couldn't explain the disasters we have done and continue doing in our country. Couldn't do that because he has no interested to know where is Argentina.
      Knowing his natural lack of interest, i explained him that below $ 2000/sqm no housing bubble and that ought not to worry about Chanos or anyone who believes like him.
      Also could explain -in Spanish- that if were on the XIN board would do exactly the same thing they are doing. In other words, it's preferable to build fewer optimizing human resources keeping a good amount of cash to take advantage of opportunities that may arise anywhere on the planet avoiding to buy land in Japan, Taiwan, Chile, California, Canary Islands or Meso America.

      He was really surprised by this type of geographical recommendation.
      His curiosity made him ask in Spanish: Porque debo evitar esos lugares?
      (why shouId avoid to build on those sites?)
      My response was exaggerated but sincere, Those are places where none can ensure 'll be at the end of this century. Tectonic plates beneath those territories or islands not augur a well destiny and no one is able to predict when will happen.
      Instead of that, political problems are circumstantial causes like the tightening credit measures in China and changes according to each decade or policies.
      So it's better to have money to take advantage of opportunities like Brooklyn instead to increase the pace of buiildings according to the rating agencies ...they don't understand absolutely nothing about Real State, nor oil, nor grain or anything productive because they are simply bureaucrats.
      Rating agencies only qualify ....

    • Details in the recently filed 20-F.

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