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  • shelly_showman shelly_showman May 14, 2013 9:46 PM Flag

    Let's address the first layer of #$%$ from Xin

    June 21,2012 let's put out a pr saying we're buying 20m worth of stock at the company's discretion.
    It said March 31, 2012 there were 72,292m diluted ADS. But we know in the Apr to June q. they bought another chunk. I'm not going to look up what that was, but you know the did. I think most of you were talking
    there were 71m ADS. Flash forward to Dec 31,2012. 71,747 ADS but heck they were supposed to be buying
    back. Then March 31, 2013 you're back up to 72,974M ADS. Higher than you were before this supposed buyback went into effect. So what did the company do? Well they bought a 'few' just to make you feel good, and then turned around, and issued more shares (probably to reward themselves), and you now have more
    shares than when you began. Stinky go look up how many shares they had at the end of the june 12 q.
    Suckers, you believed them, and Stinky, Jeff and Wal pumped it up, but they're silent now, aren't they?
    If I get back, we'll look at the 200M bond. Yes siree, the company sure were discreet, so discreet, you didn't
    even notice getting the shaft.

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    • Jeffrey and RVGA keep talking about the company buying back shares. Read the above post from almost 2 years ago. The company has told you they have a 60m buyback in place and bought 4.5m ADS or 17m worth of stock in 2014, but go to their own March 2015 presentation on their website. Look down on the right side bottom and it says as of February 27, 2015 , 79.4M ADS. if you go to Dec 31, 2012 there were 71.7m ADS.
      So in these two buybacks the company is telling you they've bought back about 28million worth of stock, but the stock count has increased about 8m ADS or 16m shares. What's wrong with this picture? Maybe Xin should put out a book called NUMBERS FOR DUMMIES.
      TPG wanted their money out, but they own 7.6% shares at about $6.00 isn't it? Do you think they sold their shares at a 50% loss?
      So you two, explain why the share count has increased by 8m ADS when they've bought back $28 million?

    • omeg4 May 14, 2013 10:03 PM Flag

      Hey Shell, you've got your years mixed up and it's not in millions but thousands. 72,974K ADS was for March 31, 2012... that's 2012. It's actually 72,292K ADS for March 31, 2013. ADS has decreased 682,000 from a year ago....

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      • Your right Omeg I typed it backwards. I wrote it down correctly. But it doesn't matter because I believe by the end of that June q. of 12 they were down to 71M ADS or very close to it.. You could put it in the box as
        the subject, as others were talking about the same number. Your ADS is still higher than when you began. There was no mention of any buyback in the call or the filing, and you know Gurnee would be
        telling you that good news It's been mentioned every quarter since I've been around.. Now the subject was ignored. Also, although that filing compares the March period, the call was less than a
        week ago and there is only 6 weeks left, so I doubt you'll be hearing about anymore buyback. But not to worry, I'm sure they come out with another bs pr saying they're going. We really, really will, just wait.

    • Is it in yet? is what you say when a china man's giving it to you.

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