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  • infn444 infn444 Jun 12, 2013 10:25 AM Flag

    Chinese "JUNK" will make a run later this yr. then

    implode leaving bagholders wondering WTFHappened. As the bankers have already set this one up for the plunge

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    • As de-listing requires de-registration and de-registration is a long process, we know with certainty there is absolutely no chance your prediction will come to fruition. The Chinese and American regulators are actually moving towards resolution of the issues that could lead to de-listing.

      De-listing will be big deal. You can rest assured you will not need a short on a Yahoo bulletin board to tell you de-listing is coming. Certainly, a short who is not even worried about staying current would be the least creditable source.

      Shorts really are just lazy thieves. By spreading falsehoods, lies, and deceptions, they spread panic forcing value out of legitimate shareholders into their greed hands. They are lazy, as we see here, because to achieve their purposes they do not even take the time to remotely understand what is actually going on.

      The Chinese shorts are a particularly despicable breed. They are stealing the income capabilities of the poor and humble Chinese. These #$%$ have to share the same ethics of Nigerian internet scammers or Somalia pirates to sleep at night. “Hey, you go to do what you got to do. It isn’t my fault that people are guppies.”

    • .................the long awaited run will last til about $15 and then all you get is a delisting notice.

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