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  • beyond our differences, beyond our views, language or history, all the Americas are undoubtedly the best continent for too many reasons.
    Our wealth, resources and natural beauty confirming the most important and favorable continent for this and coming centuries.

    Finding unacceptable and incomprehensible the idea to work alone without the rest of the inhabitants of this planet. Can't believe in borders being born in a country of immigrants as generous as your USA.

    Congrats on this July 4th and you must do your best to the rest of the world.
    Just two favors: never forget your founding fathers and stop your hawks.

    South Cosmic Dust
    (printing fake dollars with the sick woman)

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    • Second your sentiments fully. Happy 4th of July.

    • Over a year ago posted that the most important election was the Egyptian for strategic reasons and started to buy incrementally UCO from $ 38 to $ 26 as I usually do.

      've sold a couple times the $ 26 when reached $ 30 and still keeping the $ 38 without any concern.
      Could ensure my last 13 months current average around $ 28,15 but finding "more comfortable" to think I'm losing 15%.

      It's advisable to keep a portfolio with barrels and soybeans ... you may live comfortable with both commodities within your pockets.

      What will happen with the Egyptian army that only fulfills Pentagon orders so long?
      Go figure ....
      New elections could be much more difficult than those of a year ago and the Muslim Brotherhood will remain the most organized.
      And the strategic Suez Canal 'll continue being there.

      Think 'll buy more if watch another slow down around $ 30 ...
      the oil is an addiction that gets worse every July 4th ...

      South Cosmic Dust

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