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  • glou888 glou888 Sep 20, 2013 3:25 PM Flag

    XIN: up 78% year to date

    XIN starts the year at $3.47 and now is $6.18 --- up 78% year to date. This is not including dividend!
    Not many can beat you if you just buy and hold XIN firm. Those who jump in and out should check to see if they have a 78% gain year to date. If not, why not consider just buy and hold?

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    • Don't bet too much in any stock. Only bet the amount that you can afford to lose all. Otherwise, you really can't make sound decisions even if you think you can. Holding stocks like XIN should be a pure joy because its business are doing so well these days. Most people here who hate XIN because they think XIN is worth over $20 a share based on their analysis but the market does not agree with them now. So they get into cycles like this: the minute they own XIN, they start to worry that XIN may be a Freud. So they sell without much profits or even at loss. However, the minute they sold, they start to worry that XIN will run to $20 or more non-stop without them. After few cycles of these kind of experiences, they start to hate XIN. What they do? They post negative messages about XIN here. People turn to forget that you only have one enemy in stock markets: your own greedy and fear. I end this long post short: buy and hold XIN if you think China housing market will continue doing well in next few months, quarters, and years. Otherwise, you should sell XIN and spend your valuable time to research other stocks.

      I expect XIN will beat Q3 revenue and earning guidance once again. Should we see XIN tops $8 by year end? That's what I feel now as long as the genrral continue its bull run. But I will feel happy if XIN ends the year at $5 too since its started the year at $3.47 and my cost is below $5 significantly. If you can beat S&P5000 by 10 or more pcentage points, you are as good as Warren Buffett as a stock market player.

    • I am glad I never sold.

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