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  • smittensday smittensday Sep 30, 2013 1:48 AM Flag

    On another Note, W.Buffets comments about......

    On another Note, W. Buffets comments about the growing inequality of financial disparity in America -
    I agree, only, I'll go one further and say, the more the 1% gets separated from the middle and the poor the more the chance the American people; being as violent as they are, will eventually rise up, and believe you me there are more guns in America then people, and some are very well equipped. Many x military are homeless but well trained - Nothing worse then a well trained x service that is hungry and has a family to take care of as Billionair walk by thinking they are invincible, ?
    America is at the cusp of a total breakdown in the near future with Have's and Have Knots IMO.

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    • Interesting - the powers that be have been working on control of this type an uprising . Look at Susanne Posel 's vids at you tube Just 1 example off the cuff - also there are some 181 vacant holding prisons across the country - not a conspiracy theory, but physical places you can find yourself with just a little search'n. If you recall during this Prez's candidacy he talked about developing local civilian on call troops to protect against terrorism. If you have half a brain working like i do once in a while you know how fast those in power and the sheep mentality will turn against it's own calling to fire on those "anarchist". It's all about their agenda. On you tube listen to the now honorable General Wesley Clark's 2007 interview exposing the U.S 7 country take out. Follow it up with the NSA subcontractor / economic hit man who now took his conscious out of denial John Perkins as he tells his story. These two guys have heard it and done it 1st hand from the horses mouth. IF you don't know of the 8 families and their empire that control the worlds money check out this vid too "Four Horsemen of the Banking Cartel" & look for the 1hr 4 min version by PressTV as there are copies done by several. Lots of facts just not the quality source like the 1st 2 but a must see imo. Nice surprise to see this type of post // awareness __ those herd mentality folks don't really understand it's people like us that love this country so that we don't want to see the unfairness _ the NAFTA _ the Patriot Act _ and the like as rights, freedoms, and ability to make a descent life for one's self and loved onne dwindle at an ever indreasing rate.
      Follow the money.

    • No system that underpays its workers can remain stable. The only reason the system hasn't collapsed is because of monetary policy. They're shoving money in as fast as they can to keep things afloat.

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