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  • shelly_showman shelly_showman Nov 7, 2013 12:56 PM Flag

    RVGA is so dumb as to sabotage his so called long position on XIN

    Rv is on ignore, but when I'm not logged in, I can see his posts. I've posted a few times on NQ, providing
    Information, which can be checked on any facts I provide, my personal opinion is mine of course, but I haven't
    been giving my personal opinion on NQ. If I post on NQ, rv is chasing me around the board and saying I shouldn't be believed because I've been trolling the Xin mb for two years, calling it a fraud even though it's tripled in price in a year. All you have to do is click on my id which will take you to my posts. So instead, if he
    really wanted, tell people to take a look at Xin and don't associate the stock with the word 'fraud'. He doesn't
    even tell them that I currently have a long position, not a short. So from a psychological point of view what
    does his behavior convey to posters whether they are familiar with his posts or not. Bear with me here.

    He draws attention to Xin in the most negative way you could for a so called 'long' and all just a day or two
    before earnings. Since no one there knows me, if they have two brain cells to rub together will google any
    topic or source I provide to see if I'm right (which I am) or whether I'm just posting s*it. These posters will
    see my information and conclude, that if I've spent 2 years calling a stock a fraud, there just might be something to it. Keeping this in mind....Another China company is being called a fraud. Not a rv but an IPO
    that was trading at $24 before the attack. Some people are down 50% at the present time. Do you really
    think they'll want to jump into another China stock where according to Rv I've spent 2 years yelling fraud?
    No they will not, and in fact for some who do not do research and get their news from mb's,.... they'll sell
    Xin. So you gotta ask yourself, is Rv really a short with his 60,000 or more shares, or is he the dumbest
    person to walk upright? You decide.

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