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  • caseysxyz caseysxyz Jan 20, 2014 5:22 PM Flag

    Xinyuan Real Estate Co,, LTD. Solved Part 2

    Your search for answers might encompass this board. You starting points is wrong so you will not understand. You assume this is a western company. You assume its primary goal is to maximize shareholder return. You assume the primary concern of management is the operation of the company. You could not be more wrong.

    The company is, as is all activity in China, under the direct control of the CCP. If they think about you, the shareholders, they view you as sub-human. You are western and not Han Chinese, as all good Chinese know you are not a human being. Further, you are the worse of sub-humans, a capitalists. You likely achieved your wealth through pimping your mother or sister or selling drugs to all the other western drug addicts. If you lose money, it is just.

    Want proof? Well if the history of the trading price is not proof enough. Consider who benefits most from moving resources through a double-tax situation to invest in the United States and borrowing unneeded funds at absurd rates? Why that be the Chinese balance-of-payment and with a clear benefit to the sovereign fund of the CCP.
    Newbies, you are wasting your time. This stock is not trading upon macro trends or institutional volume. The market is all for the benefit of the CCP. The company will disappear in a cloud of dust as soon as the benefit to the party changes. If you invest in Xinyuan do not invest any more than you can lose, because some day this stock will disappear. When it disappear will not have a predictive event. The United States could get into a shooting war with China and the stock will still trade. Or, we could fly one too many planes through the South China Sea and it could disappear. Who knows? Someone in Beijing who ends up in the gulag, if they talk.

    The last group is the short sellers. This stock, as many Chinese stock, is shooting fish in a barrel. I am not sure the profits would change without a quarter-end Chicken Little dance but why leave anything to chanc

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