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  • ultrap13 ultrap13 Feb 28, 2014 2:55 PM Flag

    Freefall in spite of crazy P/E

    Ugly chart today, down hard on big volume, I don't see how this can possibly hold $4 after ex-dividend date. Pretty ironic with $1.78 EPS. Must make sense to someone that TSLA with $-0.68 EPS trades at $244.
    Gues I'll keep averaging down, this insanity must end eventually.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • q2 2012 net income: 69.4, q2 2013: 39.4;
      q3 2012: 31.9, q3 2013: 28.7;
      q4 2012: 33.6, q4 2013: 26.0;
      q1 2013: 26.6, q1 2014: oops, about 10.
      See a trend here? it is the profit that is freefalling. and try to convince people in a year things will get better. talking is cheap, why not back up by action to show confidence in your own stock? "We'll consult with TPG" yada yada yada. is it really hard to just say no?

    • Keep buying as it falls. When there is confusion take advantage of others folly. I did that for 18 months and accumulated 16800 shares free os cost when I sold over 9000 shares @ $7.25. Your averaging down is a good way.

    • You are kidding yourself if you think the falling will stop here. income drops. eps drops even further. no buyback. this is dead.

    • We've seen even today that people don't even understand what reads in balance sheet.. if you were about to buy then why buy before freefall stops? Seen before with this that it goes up as fast as down..
      Can't remember the exact date but in june or july price was 3.9 or something like that.. in few months straight up to 7.. now things look even better, FINALLY we have some apartments to sell!.

      Investing is far other thing than playing with stock prices.. and at least where I come from, there are taxes involved.. IF i'd like to sell at 4.57$ shares I bought around 3$ you can't even think how much my government wants from that...

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