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  • shelly_showman shelly_showman Jun 11, 2014 12:38 PM Flag

    Omer Ozden, Xinyuan's executive director of acquisition and finance.

    So good ole Omer went from being an advisor to the above title. Doesn't he have his hands full with being a
    Partner of Beijing Capital? And isn't Dr. Cui supposed to have this kind of title? Yes, that's right, we need 2
    specialists in each category of 'titles' to bleed the company of any profits. I told you before when guys like Stinky said the previous loans or bonds were for US property development, that you hadn't even begun to see the loans for Williamsburg. Now we are up to $1 BILLION in debt and what do you as an investor in this company have to show for it on the bottom The odd thing about all this. They pay a number of
    people covering the same job description, but they don't go out and get a CFO......and do not say Helen is covering the roll, really?

    Something else you should consider. Gurnee told that guy on the call how wrong he was to say that he ( the investor) saw Williamsburg being directed to the Chinese, not Americans. What are they telling you now?
    Their intention all along and I quote, ' and sell many of the 216 residential units to Chinese investors, who are then expected to rent them out'.

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    • So let's get back to the original question on good ole Omer. How can he be Xinyuan's Executive Director of
      Acquisition and Finance when he is the managing partner of Beijing Capital? Which has according to Omer
      32 offices in China alone and he basically is a pawn of the communist government? If you've never seen that
      road show video called China Private Equity:High Growth for Investors, you should watch it.I would think that
      Omer is a little to busy to be Xin's director of Acquisitions and Finance especially since we are paying Dr. Chi handsomely for that role.. He's probably a little busy trying to get Suntech back on the market. Wonder if Beijing Capital took a bath on Suntech, or did they get out, leaving just the bagholder investors?

    • Omer Ozden has been a XIN director since 2011.....Dr. Cui is also a director since 2006. It is common practice for most companies to have a dozen or more directors......why continue to BBS?

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      • Are you going senile Stinky or is it that this company plays the shuffle game and it's hard to keep up.
        Omer, resigned from the board in 2013 (or had to give up his seat) to TPG I believe, but not to worry
        Xin could still pad the expenses by giving Omer another nifty new title so he could be paid 3 times as much, same with Dr. Cui (who's name used to be spelled a little differently, but the Chinese are famous for reinventing themselves). As for your comment above below, wherever it is now, Europe, SE Asia, the 'world' as you say, was not mentioned in the PR. Just like your comment of what was
        said this past quarter that they said most buyers would probably be from China. Gurnee went out of
        his way, to correct the person on that original call, to embarrass the caller and tell him he didn't know
        what he was talking about. So I hope that person or company he represents has shorted the S out
        of this stock. The Chinese are always changing what they said. The conversation in order to get
        permission to build probably went something like this. Xinyuan would like to provide affordable housing (by NY standards), to Americans. Chinese or otherwise. As for the PR on the bond this was said:
        ' The Notes are guaranteed by certain of Xinyuan's subsidiaries and secured by a pledge of the capital stock of certain of Xinyuan's subsidiaries. Xinyuan intends to repay certain existing debts, invest in real estate projects in the PRC and the United States and use the remainder for general corporate purposes.' They have not invested in any other US projects. The money was used in China and probably a good chunk for those so called corporate purposes.
        And your comment 'nicely profitable' , if steadily falling profits is your definition of 'nicely profitable', you can have it. So I have not lied about what you or Xin have said. Just go back and look at your
        history and what you've told the board about Xin's buybacks. Now that's laughable in hindsight, Mr.
        Bovine scatterer.

    • Why the incredible babble? XIN is nicely profitable.....check out the definition of "zip" and check out XIN's earnings. The bonds were for property around the World....China, USA, Europe, SE Asia.....why lie about what I or XIN said?

      XIN said on their recent earning call that they thought most buyers would be non-Chinese.....check out the call.

    • rent them to skull cap wearing grunts

    • XIN management is dishonest - we know that by now...

    • That should have said, Helen is covering the 'role'.

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