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  • mimomusinovic mimomusinovic Nov 11, 2007 5:21 PM Flag

    You must be insane to invest in this company

    C.H Robinson is a third party logistics company

    They do not have any trucks to move their loads

    Their job is to rape the trucking industry, they are offering the lowest rates in the whole trucking business.

    Thats why C.H Robinson`s employees are not happy with them. They sometimes have to sell a load for a couple of days. So how many phone calls does the poor guy have to make. What do you think?

    You are asking probobly why 2 days to move a load. Because they are not paying enough.

    The load rates they are paying out of the east coast are 0.90 cents per mile.

    They are forcing the truck drivers to drive the loads out of the east coast lets say 700 miles and they give them 630 $.
    And the truck expenses are insane. It costs 0.60$ per mile only for FUEL. So figure truck payment,trailer payment,cargo/liability insurance,DRIVER PAY, fuel tax, and bunch of other stuff.
    Go and ask on messege boards what trucking companies and truck driver think of C.H Roinson.
    Whenever I see their load posted I dont bother calling them because I know that they are not looking for a truck to move their load instead what they want is a non-profit trucking Organization company that wants to do free favors for shippers around United States.

    They are taking the food from the table from the truck drivers and making them run out of business.

    So when you look at the numbers THEIR PROFIT IS ONLY 4%

    with the fuel prices growing their profit can only drop

    How I know this?

    I work for a trucking Company that has over 30 owner operators as Truck dispatcher.

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    • raping the trucking industry? you're a joke! like you said, they don't own their own equipment, therefore they can't force truckers to haul their freight. chrw calls on customers around the country and has to be competive in order to get certain lanes. most of the carriers that they load are getting "backhauls" to where they want to reposition their equipment. instead of deadheading home they get a backhaul to where they want to go. most carriers make they money on the front haul. stop your whining. if chrw was such a crappy that "rapes" carriers they would have folded long ago. they are only as good as the carriers they load so it's in their best interest to tkae care of their carrier partners. wake up and smell the coffee, you sound like a disgrunteled ex employee who couldn't cut the mustard!

    • LOL...looks like someone is eating dust after the earnings announcement this afternoon!

    • Wow, lets revive an old post shall we?

      Still here...making money hand over fist! His information came from the all knowing Google in the fact that his screen name was his real name. T#'s are of no relevance outside of my organization.

    • You named all of these reasons below as negatives for owning CHRW. But, how are they negative in regards to the company?

      First off, one person is not responsible for covering one TL or LTL, so this whole portrayal of their employees being unhappy is quite a joke. They have high turnover, which is typical for the transportation sector, specifically trucking industry, in general.

      Secondly, you state being a logistics broker without possessing their own trucks as a negative. With high fuel prices, increased restrictions from the DOT and insurance companies, increased demand for benefits and higher pay from drivers, why would you want to own a trucking company right now? Sure, if you run it right, you can make good money, but the headache compared to brokering freight is incomparable. Why do you think asset based carriers now have brokerage departments? Extra money with less hassle.

      Then you go on to claim that CHR's job is to "rape" the trucking industry because they offer such low rates on backhauls. Well, if the trucking industry really didn't need brokers, then why are they around? In fact, brokerages are popping up left and right and trucking companies are becoming increasingly reliant on these firms. It's not just CHR. It's Command, Coyote, ATF, JB Hunt, etc., etc.

      The question is...if nobody can afford or wants to take CHR's $.90/mi freight out of the Northeast, then why does it get moved? There is obviously some need for this freight otherwise instead of getting $700, the carrier receives nothing and deadheads back. Can you imagine the cost of that with $4.50-5.00/gal fuel?

      You basically sound like a disgruntled former truck driver who didn't know how to operate a business. It's quite sad actually.

      I'll keep buying CHRW as it heads towards $100, while you can keep shorting or buying other companies and watching me bank!

    • CHRW is now well over $60 and will continue to rise with new record profits being seen each quarter.

      If you understood the need for "backhauls" you would realize whey CHR and brokerages in general are only going to increase in importance from now on.

    • everything you say actually sound like great reasons to invest!

      thank you for your informative post!

    • Im not insane, but I made a ton of money off the backs of low paid CHRW employees and out negotiated trucking companies that seem to like CH Robinson and come back for more.... and for that I say thank you very much. This stock price is going up up up $70 by end of 2008.

    • I believe CHRW is a great buy at the current price. CH is a cash machine. They are masters at getting young kids to work their butts off for very little and make tons of cash for the company. Who could could ask for a better investment. Truckers get mad cuz they are constantly out negotiated by chrw employees. Instead of crying about how robinson is going to put you under, maybe you should invest in the company and make some real cash.

    • If the load doesn't pay, don't take it. You sound like a commie! You think you're entitled to something...just like all the 20-something punks in the workplace today.

    • Total idiot. The marketplace creates a need for Robinson. They make the supply chain more efficient. Econ 101 dude. Go brush your tooth.

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