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  • Compuvest Compuvest Jul 22, 2008 10:06 AM Flag

    Need UPS CEO email address


    You seem to be a nice Internal UPS guy. Why don't you see if you can fix some of the problems in your UPS chain. Why don't you pay these guys more for the drop offs so they will be able to make a decent living? Why don't you go out there and speak with some of the individual owners who have to make a living on these stores and find out what is going well and what is not? That might help improve some of your customer service at these stores.

    These people are not paid fairly for all of these drop-off packages that they receive. I feel bad going to my local store and just dropping off all of these packages and finding out that they only receive $1.10 minus their royalty for them...That is not right...

    Why don't you see how you can help your store owners also.

    Make them happy and many more of your customers will be happy!!!!!!!

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    • Compuvest,

      You posted "These people are not paid fairly for all of these drop-off packages that they receive."

      In your opinion, how much should they be paid when someone drops off a package? What is "fair" in your opinion? I'd also be curious how you arrive at your figure.


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      • Fallingoceanrain... I just spoke to my The UPS Store guy who I take my packages to... He told me that for these pacakges that are marked A.R.S. he received $1.10 minus his royalty (which is essentially $1.00)no matter what the weight is... and he says for all of the other packages he receives a tiered compensation from $1.10 (minus his royalty) for packages up to 20 lbs.; and then it is tiered (depending on the weight) to $1.50...$2.00... and $3.00 (minus his royalty) for pacakges weighing over 70lbs. He says that about 85%-90% of the pacakages fall into the $1.10 minus his royalty) category.

        How can this guy make a living on even $3.00 per pacakge? He told me that several of the packages I have been bringing in would be about $100 in retail compensation to him and he would have made his profit on that $100, instead he receives $1.10 or $1.50 minus his royalty... That is just not right...I feel bad bringing my packages to him.

        This is just not right...this has to be fixed for these guys...

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