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  • kimseyflyby kimseyflyby Oct 31, 2012 12:34 PM Flag

    Why i will not vote for Obama


    1. He hasn't done one single thing for this country other than get rid of Bin Laden

    2. Gas prices up 2x

    3. Massive debt with not a single change in unemployment.

    4. And all these comparisons to Bush is ludacrious. The stock market collapsed shortly after Bush took office because of Clinton's #$%$ policies and we had one of the worst terrorist attacks in history under Bush. Why not compare Romney to Reagan, same policies. Or maybe i should compare the similar democratic policies of Obama to Clinton.. Wow, that's right, they're just not working..He's an amateur.

    5. His policies are supposed to help the lower and middle classes but are actually destroying them with higher gas and food prices.

    6. He had his chance at tax reform so that people like Buffett and the hollywood idiots would actually pay more taxes but he did nothing. Why? Because he needed the campaign money....

    7. Cash for clunkers

    8. Bailout for auto industry that could have been acheived through the normal bankrupcy proceedings just like other industries like airlines.

    9. He never accepts blame for anything.

    10. If the democratic policies were so great then Obama would have achieved something other than miserable failure.

    11. Obama's Change = $100 now worth mere change

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