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    According to "The Gay Report"

    Rumours of pedophilia and child molestation by gays have also long persisted. In the study, 23% of respondents admitted to having had sex with youths aged 13-15 (p. 275), while 19% felt positive about sexual activity within this age group (p. 2

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    • Furthermore, 77% of respondents had taken part in "threesomes" at least once, while 59% had taken part in orgies or group sex (p. 587). 38% had partaken of sadomasochistic practices at least once and 23% had practiced urination in association with sex (p. 555). 24% admitted to having been paid for sex (p. 260).

    • Interestingly enough, 50% of male respondents had had their first sexual experience aged 15 or less (p. 107). The figure is 20% for lesbians (p. 52). This, of course, points toward an environmental cause of homosexuality, implying that homosexual development might come about as a result of being abused at a young age and is the result of stunted emotional/psychological development, rather than having a genetic root. It could also account for the relatively high level among gays of sexual interest in teenagers, the theory running that, having been abused at so early an age, gays did not develop emotionally past that age, and so are attracted to persons of a like young age. Notably, in the study many gays reported negative feelings in their first sexual encounter, which later became more positive (p. 107).

    • The Gay Report was unique in that for the first time society was permitted a glimpse into the gay subculture, to see if the rumors, stories and hearsay that had persisted for so long were true. In many cases, it appears, they were.

      Accusations of promiscuity had long been leveled at the gay community. As Jay and Young's research indicates, these fears were justified. According to the study, 35% of respondents admitted to having had 100 or more different sexual partners throughout their lives (p.249); 18% admitted to having had between seven and 60 such partners in the previous month alone (p. 248), and 18% to having had three or more in the previous week (p. 248). 38% said the longest relationship they had ever had did not last longer than a year (p. 340).

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