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  • gtucker7849 gtucker7849 May 2, 2013 12:30 PM Flag

    UPS $85 a share??? LOL P/e at 94.76

    For UPS to be at $85 per share really illustrates how POMO and fed easing have distorted this market. UPS service is so bad in this area we don't allow UPS shipments or deliveries with few exceptions. The one exception we just had and UPS delivered to the wrong address and lost the parcel. In such cases you must deal with UPS centralized operations and it is impossible to communicate with the local hub or to be informed of any developments by the local hub wrt a lost parcel - only the UPS (centralized) Evil Empire will deal with it; calling UPS and their central command is one very frustrating experience. Now we must wait ten days to find out the results of their "investigation". This lost parcel is by no means a unique experience in this area, and we have been informed by UPS employees that the dispatch in Las Vegas is one screwed up operation and very very badly managed; On top of that UPS prices are double the FedEx ground prices and FedEx works quite well in this area. Of course this is all anecdotal and the point is that UPS has a bloated and ridiculous share price not to mention an outrageous P/e at 94.76 The garbage the Fed Dealers refer to as FRN's and printed at will by Ben and his Boys are fueling the excesses of a corrupt and criminal Wall Street, and this company is no exception of how HFT and the Fed Dealers distort this market. A great example of the #$%$ who rule and how the Fed dealers squander their first use of newly manufactured FRN's to the tune of $85 BILLION per month !! - that is ONE TRILLION in toilet trash notes per year. UPS = $85!!! Fr****cking LAUGH

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • I've had consistently good luck with UPS, and Fed Exp, and US mail. I don't use Fed Exp ground....very limited pick up locations (not the same as Fed Exp air)....only one such location in Chicago.

      Weren't you a PM metal poster ? Now bashing stocks because you missed out by not diversifying your investements ?

    • Hey Gtucker- perhaps you should learn to utilize the recent data for your P/E calculations. The going forward price/earnings ratio is 15.13 just a tad off your 94.76 reference that was based off a huge write-off move. So, we are sporting a forward P/E considerably lower than our historical average in a difficult market. BTW, try comparing our performance to FDX these days....

    • Missed two calls from this number today, no message on first call, second call left call back number 866-706-6897, along with a UPS tracking number. I have 5 missing packages supposedly left on my porch by UPS. Called UPS and they have no idea what I'm talking about. Yes they may have been good at one time many years ago but UPS has definitely reached the size at which it is most incompetent. Bad support, bad pricing, bad service.

    • edwinthorp May 2, 2013 12:58 PM Flag

      Try FED ex if your not happy with ups ,THEN YOU WILL HAVE SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT

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      • TRY READING the post... It's not surprising that the brain deads who are long UPS cannot read. We have been using fedex here for two years with not one single issue. NONE. Whereas the lowlifes at UPS are a constant issue and EXPENSIVE (89048) I can ship everything fedex ground for 1/2 the cost of UPS ground ... and expect it to get where it's going INTACT. Granted Fedex had issues when they absorbed Roadway, but those issue are long behind them
        + look at this:
        UPS P/E = 96.50
        FDX P/E = 16.25

        Don't get me wrong I detest wall street and the slime who HFT trade, but if one must use this phony market to judge the companies then FDX wins hands down. UPS is garbage.

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