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  • pgrubor pgrubor Dec 26, 2013 9:18 AM Flag

    Non-delivery of packages would have never happened in the 80's or 90's

    I left UPS in 91 and believe me all packages would have been delivered before 1 management person left the facility. I remember delivering packages at 7:00 pm on Christmas eve. I never had to work on Xmas day because we handled everything on the 24th...Talk about poor planning at the top levels.

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    • Your post is full of ignorance. You didn't handle 1/10th of the packages that are handled today. The packages that didn't make delivery were stuck in the sortation facilities, mostly Lousville. That facility ran 24x7 for the last 10 days all the way up until late on Christmas Eve, and kept up, right up until everybody and their brother decided to ship at the last minute. Delivery at 7 PM on Christmas Eve is early compared to what the drivers did this year. ALL Louisville management employees were brought in Monday and Tuesday to assist with the Louisville hub. UPS accepted the challenge where FedEx would not. Most of the packages made delivery, and the ones who didn't would not have with FedEx, or with you 20 years ago. The only way the last packages could have been delivered were if the entire network was starting back up, starting with bringing every employee in Christmas Eve in Louisville, and then all package drivers in on Christmas. UPS prepared for up to 15% growth in on-line ordering this year, more than most predicted, and that was still exceeded by quite a lot, especially the last few days. The world is a lot more complicated than it was 20 years ago, so stop patting yourself on the back.

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      • HHhhmmm, I spent many peaks at Worldport. I know the WP systems as well. They can crank that bad boy to sort more per hour. To say or think that it was working at full capacity is false. I believe this is not a systemic issue, it's not a lack of aircraft or weather. This is the result of a culture shift that has been happening for years. I have many good friends still working there both union and management and their take is the same. A service failure years ago was almost equivalent to death. Now, that concept is not the same. I'm certainly not here to bash anyone of the current employees. But I will honestly tell you that UPS is NOT the same company they were years ago. I mean guys, this was peak !!!! The company knows better and dropped the ball. It's too early to tell what the impact will be from the customer base, but next peak season, I guarantee people will think twice about their shipping options and the media will highlight the issue to remind everyone. In my opinion, the biggest shift in the company was in 2000 and 2009.

      • There are also a lot more employees then we had back in 90, remember every 18 packages equal a job, more pkgs more jobs, so the job could get done. Tech has been a big help in todays UPS vs whay we had to work with in 90. Better delivery vehicles to do the delivery and easier on the drivers. We always had bad weather and delays and we will again in the future that is why good planning is key. As a very good Manager once told a group of us Management people, don't tell me how good you are, show me how good you are. Are we Great at UPS, sure are, the best but that does not change the fact that customers were left down, no excuses just get it corrected so that it never happens again. Treat every package as a guest of honor.......we must always remember it and who pays the bills.

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    • I could not agree with you more pgrubor, I have done that myself for the years I was there. Sounds to me like a bad plan, plain and simple and not enough front line Chiefs to carryout any "adjustments" to the plan. Those that fail to plan are planning to fail. I was there in the late 70's 80' and 90's and this would never have happened....period!!

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      • While I agree about packages never being left in the delivery center before all management employees went home for Christmas and participated as well, clearly that was not the problem. The issue was packages never getting to the delivery facility but rather being caught up in sorting hubs and the like. I don't believe the problem was at the delivery end but rather in the processing and sorting phase. I'd like to think that all packages that got to the delivery centers were out for delivery. The upcoming earnings report will certainly clarify that. So in effect, we had a good news/bad news peak season. Terrific volume but bad weather leading to untold service failures. I'm not sure perfect planning could defeat the snowball effect of weather issues. Personally, being in the Philly area I received several packages without an issue. I just wish FDX, which experienced the same delivery failures would get the same level of bad press that we're getting. Beyond that, could this be further proof that the Sports Illustrated "cover curse" is more than just a myth? We were on the cover of Bloomberg BusinessWeek and look what happened? Let's just hope our relationship with Amazon is not fractured.

    • You can thank the gubbermint for the new regulations which limit the number of hours a driver can work per day and per week if you didn't get your package.

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